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10 Sep 2020

Pharmapack 2021 opens entries for Patient-Centric Design Awards

The global pandemic continues to impact lots of industries and slow down business, but the pharma and packaging industries are striving to tackle new challenges to bring more faster and safer solutions to deliver medication to patients. The Pharmapack Awards continue to recognize companies which have invested in innovating to improve patient outcomes, while working within the confines of a highly regulated pharma industry and changing business model.


Launched in 1997, the Pharmapack Awards recognize all types of innovations in the field of pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery devices which have significantly improved drug efficacy and user’s safety and addressed sustainability issues such as a reduced impact on the environment. 

In the Health Product Category*, Pharmapack has partnered with HCPC (Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council) Europe to set up the “Patient-centric Design Award” to select outstanding patient-friendly, or patient-centric packaging or drug delivery solutions.

 At Pharmapack Europe 2020, the Patient-centric Design Award was won by Creon® SD, developed by Abbott Healthcare Pvt Limited, a smart granule dosing device for dispensing of Pancreatin Mini-microspheres.

See the Pharmapack 2020 Winners list

Additionally, more than ten new patient-centric concepts were showcased in the Pharmapack Innovation Gallery. Two smart drug delivery devices, from Credence MedSystems and Nemera, and a Patient Support App from Rondo were rewarded in the Exhibitors’ innovation category by the Pharmapack 2020 Awards jury.

Watch the video of Pharmapack Awards 2020 Winners’ presentations

Pharmapack opens entries of Patient-centric Design Award for all pharma and medical companies who have launched a new health product with a patient-centric design with market authorisation after December 2019. The deadline for submitting your candidature is 9 April 2021.

Pharmapack 2021-770x400.jpg

The Awards ceremony will be held on the first day of Pharmapack 2021, with the conference and exhibition taking place from 19-20 May in Paris Expo, Porte des Versailles.

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