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Lucy Chard
24 Jan 2023

Pharmapack 2023 – Introducing our Start-ups

Ahead of Pharmapack 2023, we are featuring some of the start-up companies we are working closely with, and who will be attending the event held in Paris 1&2 Feb 2023. 

Our start-up initiative, which will be represented at Pharmapack this year through our ‘Start-up Innovation Hub’, (which you won’t be able to miss as it is slap bang in the middle of the show floor) aims to increase innovation at our events, as well as investing in start-ups. We want to promote the development of new products, technologies and solutions that will help shape the future of pharma. 

The following start-ups are just a few of the hand picked companies that are making a splash in this forward-thinking era, keep reading to find out a little more about each company, and where you can find them at Pharmapack if you want to know more! 

Veratrak – Product – The Hub 

We are pleased to announce the launch of The Hub by Veratrak, a single, unified platform for managing supply chain partners. In a world where transparency and collaboration are essential for the future of a sustainable pharmaceutical industry, the Hub provides a single and secure path to automatically extract, synthesise, and visualise partner performance metrics across your supply chain – enabling secure access to a full range of partners, along with full visibility into their activities. Our end-to-end solution helps improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and facilitate better compliance across your supply chain operations.

We're looking forward to exhibiting for the first time at Pharmapack, and having insightful conversations with industry leaders, as we present the Hub, our new supply chain management solution, which helps pharmaceutical organisations achieve better visibility on contract packaging, manufacturing and logistics provider activities and shipping workflows. Packaging data is captured in real time and centralised into the Hub dashboard includes packing details (active/passive shippers), temperature conditions, pallet instructions, and is integrated directly into warehouses to provide packaging requirements ranging from delivery method to packaging timelines, currency, and warehousing requirements. In addition, users can access global visibility of their warehouse network through the Hub, which offers warehouse site management view for all deliveries and status updates across all logistics providers. A sought after feature is also included in the Hub, where integrated customers gain insight into sustainability metrics and the ability to purchase carbon emission offsets with vetted, high-quality projects, to allow them to meet sustainability goals.

Visit Veratrak at stand S3. 

Pharmapan – Device – Dosepan 

At Pharmapack, Pharmapan will be presenting our new device, Dosepan. Dosepan is a unique drug delivery system using a disruptive, patented technology. API and diluent are stored in a different chamber and reconstituted prior administration without any handling operation. Besides simple and safe administration, it is an alternative technology to the classical vials/syringe drug delivery systems used for vaccines. The device offers a wide range of administration purposes such as oral, nasal, and parenteral. Due to its new technology, cooling chains, material waste, and costs can be minimised.
We are particularly looking forward to Pharmapack as we hope to increase our network, introduce Dosepan to the market, attracting customers, partners, and investors, and, as it is a disruptive technology, screening market and applications. 

Studio Fundi – Device - FebriSol 

At Pharmapack this year we will be representing our company, Studio Fundi, by showing our flagship product FebriSol. 
FebriSol is a low-cost “scratch-card-calendar” sticker that helps patients to keep track of their chronic medication and adhere to their daily treatment plan. In Paris we are looking forward to connecting with decision-makers in the industry who are interested in leveraging innovative adherence solutions that are beneficial for both patients and profit margins.

Plus10 – Software – plus10 softwaretools

At Pharmapack in Paris this year we will be introducing from Plus10. is a Fraunhofer Spinoff (Fraunhofer is the biggest applied research organisation in Europe with 72 institutes) in the field of artificial intelligence for GMP/FDA-compliant automated production and offers continuously learning and situationally acting optimisation tools for complex manufacturing lines and injection molding machines leading to +10% more output, resource, and energy efficiency on average.

At the event, we are showing how Artificial Intelligence and GMP-compliant production fit together. Come around and discover our continuously learning and situationally acting production optimisation software tools at our booth, get insights like real-world impression based on Pharma/Medical device manufacturing use cases where our tools are already used creating 24/7 significant value for operations. 

We are looking forward to high quality networking – so we are looking forward to meeting operations managers, production leaders, as well as machine builders for pharmaceutical production lines in order to discuss business needs and experiences from their point of view, mapping it with our world-wide unique technology.

Visit Plus10 at stand S7. 

Sealester – Technology – Sealester Tech 

Sealester is a start-up established in March 2020, situated in La Ferté Bernard, France. We specialise in innovative processes for flexible packaging production.

Designing and producing innovative, ergonomic and eco-responsible flexible packaging is possible thanks to the new Sealester Tech technology. It consists of a unique tool that welds the films together by moving over them according to a determined trajectory. Switching from one packaging shape to another requires a simple change of the program that generates the tool path, so need for specific tools!

Sealester is developing the sealing technology under two different forms: 
●    an independent prototyping machine, which allows the production of mini and small series using a unique tool;
●    a technological brick to be implemented on traditional welding machines (hot tool, ultrasonic …) to make them more flexible.

We are excited about collaborating with Pharmapack as we can all go further together! 

Visit Sealester at stand S5.

The Use Factory – Agency 

The Use Factory is an innovative product design agency specialising in the healthcare sector. 

Through the combination of design thinking and consideration of human factors, we deliver healthcare products that are perfectly aligned with the needs of the patient and practitioners.

Our expertise starts with needs analysis, creativity, and early-stage feasibility, through to development under regulatory compliance.

Visit The Use Factory at stand S10. 

CapaValve – Technology – Capa Valve Technology

CapaValve is an emerging new UK technology company supported by UK Trade and Investment. We will be bringing numerous prototype syringes to show case - they are all standard syringes with the patented Capa Valve technology installed in various sized syringes. These modified syringes provide sequential liquid-liquid dispense or premix liquid-liquid or reconstitution of liquid/solid. They are all prefilled.

At Pharmapack, we are most looking forward to meeting companies who may wish to licence our innovative technology.

Visit CapaValve at stand S11. 

Luo Automation – Technology – VI-Assist 

At Luo, we want to surprise our clients with its capabilities of technology. Our VI-Assist machine is designed to do just that, by automating the tedious task of visually inspecting ampoules, vials, and syringes. With a capacity of up to 1,000 containers per hour, the VI-Assist can support any visual inspection process, from clinical studies to small-scale manufacturing operations, and is tailored to handle small and diverse batches. This machine not only relieves operators from repetitive work but also brings a new level of accuracy and efficiency to the visual inspection process.

Pharmapack 2023 is a great opportunity to meet with people who like to challenge their visual inspection process and are interested to find out what the latest technology can offer. We are looking forward to this! 

Visit Luo Automation at stand S6. 

AbbatiaLabs – Product – Powdose

At AbbatiaLabs, we develop an innovative packaging for oral drugs, with an integrated dosing feature that allows paediatric or geriatric patients to very-easily receive tailored and accurate doses of oral medicine. This Powdose design is really centred on the user and can be pre-filled by pharma companies with any powder, granulates or micro tablets.

We are excited to be at the Pharmapack to meet new customers and partners!

Visit AbbatiaLabs at stand S12. 

Pacifi – Product – DuoVIAL®

As a key account manager confronted with a customer quality complaint, your loyalties can be challenged, torn between protecting your employer and ensuring the right long-term outcome for your valued client. When the complaint relates to an ampoule opening ‘sharps’ injury to a medical professional, it creates a long-term emotional lever to finding a better solution than the pharmaceutical sectors status quo. With global ampoule use of ~40 Billion / year, in combination with their inherent ‘openability’ design flaw, their negative ‘sharps-injury ’ impact in healthcare is significant, yet remains an accepted cost of commodity ium  chealthcare products, especially in developing markets.

‘If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.’ – Albert Einstein. 

Creative thinking is not necessarily synonymous with safe thinking, wherein the conservative culture in healthcare packaging often constrains innovation. Our international regulatory bodies have recognised this in recent years, evolving their approach sufficiently enough to enable the potential of DuoVIAL®, where risks are assessed and mitigated accordingly.  DuoVIAL® combines the advantages of a glass ampoule and vial into a single unit, resulting in Easier, Safer and more Cost-effective reconstitution of lyophilised formulations.

At Pharmapack in Paris we are looking forward to sharing all of our new ideas with our collaborators and stakeholders! 

Visit Pacifi at stand S9.

Idevax – Devices – VAX-ID®

Idevax is a Belgian start-up active in medical devices suited for drug delivery in the dermal layer of the skin. Our flagship product is the innovative VAX-ID®. It is an award-winning patented drug delivery device suited for reliable intradermal injection with high ease of use. As the skin is very rich in immune cells, a lower dose is required compared to an intramuscular injection to elicit a similar immune response.
VAX-ID can be preconfigured with different needles ranging from 27G to 32G. Devices are currently available for investigational use only (IUO). CE marking is expected by fall 2023. 

We’re excited to join PharmaPack as this conference is heavily focused on innovation in drug delivery which will allow us to showcase VAX-ID to potential customers as well as establish connection in the field of drug delivery.

Visit Idevax at stand S13. 

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