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Lucy Chard
1 Feb 2023

Pharmapack Europe Awards 2023

We are pleased to announce the winners from the Pharmapack Europe Awards 2023 at this year's event in Paris. 

The Awards for Pharmapack Europe are where we recognise and celebrate the innovators behind the latest developments in drug delivery and pharmaceutical packaging design.

The Awards this year are split into two overarching fields, the Exhibitor Awards, which covers the categories Drug Delivery Innovation, Packaging Innovation, and Sustainability Initiative from partners exhibiting at Pharmapack in Paris; and the Health Product Awards, which are supported by our partners Adelphe and HPRC. 

This year the standard of entries has been exceptional and our Jury members were extremely impressed with the innovations submitted, all of which make a meaningful impact on patient health. 

Drug Delivery Innovation – Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services

This category aims to recognise innovative approaches to safe and effective drug administration, across ophthalmic, parenteral, oral, respiratory, transdermal, and topical drug delivery solutions.

Owen Mumford's UniSafe® reusable connected auto-injector is a companion device for UniSafe 1mL safety syringes designed for the delivery of subcutaneous medication. The auto-injector provides drug delivery that does not depend on battery function as it has a lifetime battery and so ensures patients always receive their medication. The design also helps to reduce waste, contributing to sustainability goals. 

See the interview with Michael Earl of Owen Mumford here



Packaging Innovation Award – PACKSYS GmbH

This award was to recognise innovation in technologies, products, materials, and services relating to primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging solutions for finished drug forms. 

The PACKSYS ampoule dispenser is a multifunctional dispensing system for glass ampoules. It guarantees a clean breaking of the ampoules and an easy and hygienic application of the product. Due to its standard thread, it can be used with a variety of applicators, such as spray pumps, roll-ons or dap applicators.

Sustainability Initiative Award – Körber Pharma Packaging Materials AG

This award is to celebrate innovation in technologies, products, materials, and services which reduce environmental impact, and carbon emissions and inspire sustainable packaging development.

In a post-Covid world rapid Covid tests have become indispensable in day-to-day business. Körber reognised the problem of mass producing these plastic-encased tests for the foreseeable future, and the impact this would have on the environment. Therefore they developed a Sustainable Covid Rapid Tester, made completely of recyclable materials. 

Eco-Design Award – Rotor Print

Another award focusing on sustainability, this category was for products which demonstrated a tangible reduction in environmental impact and carbon footprint.

The Pharma blister 100% PET created by Rotor Print, offers a solution for a product that until now was impossible to recycle. It is a blister that replaces PVC, to avoid risks to public health, and also replaces aluminum, to achieve a recyclable package. 

Rotor Print's 100% PET blister has barrier qualities equivalent to PVC. This makes it possible to preserve products as has been done up to now, whilst simultaneously reducing the environmental impact of the product. In addition, since it is a single-material package (polyester), it can be recycled in any PET recycling plant.

See the interview with Gerard Parés, Sustainability Manager at Rotor Print, regarding their win here.  

Patient Centric Design Award – ATB-WEST Ltd

For this category, the jury memebers were looking for entries that are designed to improve safety, experience, and adherence for the patient or care-giver.

The winning product, Latentogram, from ATB-West was built around three key concepts; safety, reliability, and  efficiency. The solution presupposes application of the thinnest polymer layer with a latent image, invisible to the naked eye and visualised by means of an authenticity identifier. The technology allows both the application of individual protective elements on the cardboard packaging of a medicinal product, and complete protection of the primary packaging – blisters and blister foil. It is extremely important to note that the protection application does not change the packaging design and layout, and therefore does not pose an obstacle to implementation.

The innovative anti-counterfeit solution helps to ensure medical brands integrity and high security with priority on human health.

Congratulations once again to all of our Award winners, and thank you to this year's entrants and our Jury members for your invaluable contributions! 

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Lucy Chard
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