Polski Lek is a manufacturer and supplier of dietary supplements, medical devices and dietary foods for special medical purposes of the highest quality. We specialize in effervescent tablets, tablets, powders, granules and lozenges. Our comprehensive line of products encircles life itself – addressing important health needs from childhood to the goldean years. All our products are manufactured according to GMP guidelines and standards set by IFS and HACCP. At our disposal we have well trained, highly qualified staff, modern, well-equipped premises and high-tech machinery that meet all the requirements of EU regulations and legislation.

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Products from POLSKI LEK S.A.

  • Plusssz line

    Product Plusssz line

    Plusssz is a professional brand and a leader of modern solutions in the category of vitamins and minerals. The Plusssz line consists of wide range of products designed to fulfil various needs. Innovative double-layered effervescent tablets, unique compositions and precisely selected doses of vitamins and essential minerals are the qualities that distinguish Plusssz among other products on the market
  • Prenalen line

    Product Prenalen line

    Our line of products is specifically designed for pregnant women, those planning pregnancy and lactating. Unique compositions of natural ingredients were selected to be both effective and safe for you and your child. Our line of products allows safe assistance during periods of decreased immunity. Having in mind exceptional demands of women during those 9 months we have created Prenalen
  • Verbascon line

    Product Verbascon line

    Verbascon is innovative product line developed to effectively compat cold and flu. The complementary range of products is based on natural ingredients including extracts from common mullein and African geranium which have proven antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant and antioxidant effect. A carefully selected set of ingredients helps to alleviate symptoms and speed up the recovery process.

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