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28 Aug 2013

Porvair Launches Genuine 2 mL Deep Well Plate

Porvair Sciences has developed the first 96-well round deep well plate that genuinely delivers 2.00 mL liquid capacity/well in an automation compatible SLAS/ANSI footprint. The revolutionary "common wall" design provides a full 2 mL round well, round bottom well within a 45-mm height limit, thus ensuring full compatibility with most plate handling equipment.

Unlike other '2 mL' deep well plates that typically offer just 1.80–1.90 mL well, the new Porvair plate enables labs involved with fraction collecting, compound storage, plate replication and mixing applications the chance to use the full 2.00 mL well capacity without compromise.

Manufactured under class 10,000 conditions from ultra-pure grade polypropylene, Porvair's new 2.00 mL 96-well deep well plates are certified as RNase/DNase free and contain no measurable contaminants that could otherwise leach out and affect the sample. For sterile biological applications, Porvair 2.00 mL 96-well deep well plates are available irradiated. A matching thermoplastic elastomer "cap mat" provides easy friction sealing of this new plate for transport, shipping and short-term storage. For longer periods, the new 2.00 mL plate can be heat sealed using Porvair Sciences aluminium or clear heat seals together with the company's Miniseal II thermal sealer to provide a range of peelable, peirceable and re-sealable storage options.

Measuring just 45 mm high, Porvair 2.00 mL 96-well deep well plates are compatible with microplate stackers, washers and automated equipment. The new plate design incorporates features that prevent 'locking' when stacked and enable easy heat sealing.

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