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23 Apr 2013

Post-operative adhesion in the pipelines for fibrosis treatment

An after-surgery adhesion could be used for the treatment of fibrosis.

A post-operative adhesion is being developed for the treatment of fibrosis and could face phase II clinical trials in the future.
Ade Therapeutics has patented the treatment and brought it into human testing, with the drug activating the body's internal repair mechanisms and accelerating the pace of healing.
Chief executive of Ade Therapeutics, Sanj Singh, explained that the areas of gynaecology, spinal peritoneal fibrosis and ophthalmology are estimated to be worth $30 billion.
"Post-operative adhesions are a huge problem for which there is currently no good solution. Ade Therapeutics's novel approach is extremely exciting as a potential treatment," said Dr James Greenberg, gynecologist at Brigham and Women's Health.
He added that he thought if the approach shows efficacy in phase II clinical trials it could set a new standard of care in gynecology pelvic surgeries.
The company was formed in 2006 around intellectual property developed at the University of Saskatchewan by chief scientific officer Dr Adebola Obayan.

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