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26 Feb 2013

Prefilled syringes encouraging development of injectable drug products

There will be an influx of tailored injectable drug products coming to market in the next six years, according to forecasts.

With prefilled syringe devices continuing to replace vials in terms of treatment options in the US, pharmaceutical and biotech programme managers are increasingly choosing to integrate these devices into their development plans.

That is according to Greystone Research Associates, which claims that there has been a migration towards self-injection devices as well.

However, the result of these shifts is that organisations are increasingly relying on accelerated product feasibility testing.

Subsequently, the company has forecast a significant rise in the number of tailored injectable drug products coming to market over the next six years.

Its report suggests that the key market drivers are improved patient compliance, efficient delivery of high-priced biological and patient and care provider safety.

The cost of recombinant proteins and other pharmaceutical ingredients in particular is raising interest in prefilled syringes, as these tend to be associated with reduced waste and cost when compared to vial-packaged drugs.

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