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15 Dec 2011

ProJect Pharmaceutics Introduces Predictive Formulation Analytics

Predictive Formulation Analytics from ProJect Pharmaceutics offers an innovative scientific approach for designing optimized protein formulations and reduces the need for extensive stability testing.

Protein drug formulation is particularly challenging due to structural complexity and instability. The biological activity of most recombinant proteins emanates specifically from their 3-dimensional structure which needs to remain unaltered throughout the shelf-life of the product. However, cleavage or aggregation incidents may not only reduce efficacy but also produce adverse immunologic effects.


The current industry standard for the formulation development of biopharmaceutical drugs is a time consuming, trial-and-error driven process which requires accelerated stability testing to identify the best out of many formulation alternatives. Occasionally, the large number of formulation options is tested by means of high throughput screening, yet accepting the potential drawback of a highly artificial testing environment.


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