PropoMar Spray

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• MEDICAL DEVICE• Preservative free• Gluten free• Alcohol free - Encourages nasal decongestionin case of a common cold, sinusitis, rhinitis and allergies in general.PropoMar® Spray is an innovative medical device based on isotonic seawater and PropolhON® solvent free, the new propolis produced without the use of extraction solvents. The combination of British seawater and propolis makes PropoMar® Spray particularly recommended for promoting nasal decongestion in the case of colds, sinusitis, rhinitis and allergic asthma, in addition to facilitating a proper cleaning of the nasal fossae in adults and children. PropoMar® Spray does not contain preservatives, gluten and alcohol. It respectsthe ozone layer and its delivery system (bag on valve) allows the use in each position. INSTRUCTION FOR USE: Remove the protective cap from the top of the bottle and insert the special dispenser. Hold your head turned to one side and never tilted back. Gently introduce the pouring spout at the base of a nostril. The Bov system in use allows the delivery to any location. Press the dispenser applying slight pressure and repeat the operation with the other nostril. RECOMMENDED FREQUENCY OF USE: For effective action are sufficient 2-3 sprays per nostril. Extend the delivery for about 2 seconds.The application can be carried from one to four times a day in all safety. After use, clean and dry the dispenser.COMPOSITION: Seawater, PropolhON® (cryo milled propolis),polysorbate 20, potassium dihydrogen phosphate,potassium hydrogen phosphate, water Gas Propellant: Air Packet : 100 ml
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