QIAGEN pushes the boundaries of innovation to improve our understanding of DNA, RNA and proteins – the building blocks of life. We enable our customers to unlock valuable insights from any biological sample – be it blood, a throat swab or many other materials. We support their success with a broad range of products for molecular testing, serving applications from basic life sciences research to cl...

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  • QIAcuity Digital (dPCR) System

    Product QIAcuity Digital (dPCR) System

    QIAxcel Connect allows for effortless, cost-effective, high-resolution DNA or RNA gel electrophoresis. Features include ready-to-use gel cartridges (negates the need for ethidium bromide handling), high sensitivity, high resolution, and the process up to 96 samples without manual intervention

  • QIAcuity Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) dPCR Assays

    Product QIAcuity Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) dPCR Assays

    For 500x12 µl reactions (20x): QIAGEN Cell and Gene Therapy assay for GFP to be used with the QIAcuity dPCR system.

    • A broad offering of ten different wet-lab validated dPCR CGT assays • Assays with different fluorophore choices allow multiplexing to sustain vector integrity • An e...
  • dPCR Microbial DNA Detection Assays

    Product dPCR Microbial DNA Detection Assays

    The dPCR Microbial DNA Detection Assays are designed to test for the presence of bacterial, fungal, parasitic, viral, antibiotic resistance or virulence factor genes using digital PCR. The assays can be run on the QIAcuity® in about two hours with minimal hands-on time. The assays target over 680 bacterial...

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