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  • Product Clinical Supply

    Recipharm have more than 20 years experience supplying clinical trial material to our clients. Our development facilities cater for a range of clinical trials from preclincal to smaller Phase III trials. We also offer commercial manufacturing for very large clinical batches.
  • Product Trial filling

    Injection solutions, inhalation solutions, infusion solutions, eye drops and gels, topical agents, oral agents, rinsing solutions, or contact lens cleaning agents – whatever it is you want us to fill, we will conduct trial filling to make sure your products always end up in the best possible containers.
  • Product yudoo thematic areas

    yudoo is a new revolutionary software suite helping pharmaceutical industry in the digital transformation.
    A modular platform able to answer to specific thematic areas developed by a unique Solution Provider. 

  • Product Multi-inspection Platforms

    With an increasing product portfolio and a variety of package types, sizes and formulations the requirements for processing and inspecting those products becomes more challenging. There is no test method that can do it all so that is why the combination of several methods is required. The VARIO MTX is a modul...
  • Product GPX Porosity

    Material porosity is a relevant parameter in many production process with dry compounds. Actual porosity measurement technologies are using destructive methods. Several disadvantages are connected with the determination of the porosity. The pharmaceutical production of tablets uses the porosity measurement as...
  • Product SPINE FIBO

    SPINE FIBO is the first and only machine in the world that combines 100% visual inspection and sorting with counting and bottle filling. In short, it is the first machine to visually inspect all surfaces of each product, sort out defective products and then immediately fill bottles with good product only....
  • Product Wasdell QP Services

    Our dedicated QP Services team are able to provide compliance support, audit services, regulatory consultancy and QP certification for imported medicinal products.
  • Product GMP-Support: Qualification / Validation / Consulting

    GMP-Support: Qualification / Validation / Consulting 
    GMP-consulting and training aligned to your daily work. 

  • Product OptiPac Blister Package Leak Testing

    The OptiPac Leak Detection System is a deterministic non-destructive technology designed specifically for blister packs. OptiPac utilizes volumetric imaging under vacuum with topographic imaging to detect the presence and location of leaks. The OptiPac is engineered and designed with One-TouchTechnology to ac...
  • Product QA Department

    • Overall QA system
    • Internal and external audits

  • Product Quality Compliance

    For Life Science businesses in highly regulated environments, compliance is not an option. Prepare to successfully pass inspections and design post-inspections remediation plans to achieve and maintain approval for your product with PQE Group's tailored and cost-effective programs for Quality Management.
  • Product Adenosine 5'-monophosphate, free acid (5'-AMP, free)

    Yamasa corporation offers a wide range of biochemicals products which includes adenosine 5'-monophosphate, free acid (5'-amp, free). Contact us for more information.
  • Product Extractables and Leachables Testing Services

    Testing for extractables and leachables: Our scientists perform extractables and leachables testing based on regionally specific guidelines (EU, US, China), nationally and internationally recognized standards (USP, ISO), GMP, PQRI recommendations, USP requirements (chapters <665>, <1663>, <1...
  • Product Rommelag Pharma Service

    With Rommelag Pharma Service, we offer those who purchase a bottelpack system a quick and economical complete concept for qualification and validation, which is recognized by the authorities. We know what matters and can perform the entire process more cost-effectively, successfully, and reliably than you. It...
  • Product SEA Vision business units

    SEA Vision is a leading supplier of vision systems for the pharmaceuticals industry for 26 years, building its success on the excellence of its technology solutions for PRODUCTS QUALITY INSPECTION, TRACK&TRACE and PHARMA INDUSTRY 4.0
  • Product Automated Visual Inspection

    The automated visual inspection platform VISION CAV is designed for a customized, fully-automated inspection of particles and cosmetic defects of vials with liquid or lyophilized products. 

    Cosmetic and particle inspectionFor the inspection of cosmetic defects, the test samples are r...
  • Product Container Closure Integrity Tester for laboratory use

    With our wide range of lab testing equipment we provide solutions for the early stages in the development processes as well as for quality control in commercial manufacturing. Being able to transfer the test method from R&D to production reduces risks and saves time.
    The NEO series combines highest...
  • Product Automated Leak Testing for Sterile Pharmaceuticals

    Our automated CCI testers for vials, syringes, ampoules, blow-fill-seal containers, IV bags and other pharmaceutical packaging use the latest generation of differential pressure testing or headspace analysis procedures allowing a highly sensitive and robust measurement.

    Highlights: • Industry...
  • Product GPX1500 Vial

    The Gasporox GPX1500 Vial represents a new approach to headspace oxygen gas inspection – fast, accurate, non-intrusive and non-destructive, in tubular vials. 
    The GPX1500 Vial is a very compact and easy to use instrument to measure accurate the headspace of pharmaceutical containers. Change over to ...
  • Product STREAM CORE

    STREAM Core is an automated and autonomous machine for colour visual inspection and sorting of capsules. STREAM Core automatically inspects the entire circumference of each capsule at the speed of up to 120.000 capsules per hour. It is a younger brother of SPINE, designed solely for capsules that keeps th...

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