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  • News Clean Cells to invest €13 million to create Europe's largest cell bank production site

    The expansion is anticipated to speed up development and time-to-market of novel treatments and vaccines for COVID‑19
  • News Pharma Explained: What is Quality Assurance?

    Need clarity on determining your QA from your QbD and your cGMPs? You’re not alone! In our new Pharma Explained series from CPhI, we bring you clear cut definitions from industry experts on a myriad of Pharma Terms, delivered in bitesize video presenta...
  • News Pharma Explained: What is Quality Risk Management & cGMPs?

    Need clarity on determining your QA from your QbD and your cGMPs? You’re not alone! In our new Pharma Explained series from CPhI, we bring you clear cut definitions from industry experts on a myriad of Pharma Terms, delivered in bitesize video presenta...
  • News Why ISO 17034?

    As a provider of reference materials for a broad range of scientific industries, many of LGC Standards’ products are manufactured according to the International Organisation for Standardisation’s accreditation scheme for reference material providers...

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  • Product High Speed Checkweigher

    Smart Measurement Function •          21 CFR Compliance •          Online checkweighing of bottle, carton, packet & pouch •          High rigid structure allowing safe and precise weighing •          ...
  • Product Smart_Projector Pharma

    The Next Generation Video Measuring Machine for Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging: Smart_Projector Pharma allows automatic, objective, repeatable, easy and fast dimensional quality check of any cylindrical parts.

    Easy and FastSmart_Projector Pharma by SmartVision is the first and unique instrument d...
  • Product Visual Rotating Inspection machines

    Inspection machines engineered to operate at high speeds on automatic production and packaging lines, designed to inspect a wide range of glass or plastic containers for liquids (such as solutions, suspensions, emulsions and oil-based products), powders or lyophilized products.
    Our technological...
  • Product SEA Vision business units

    SEA Vision is a leading supplier of vision systems for the pharmaceuticals industry for 26 years, building its success on the excellence of its technology solutions for PRODUCTS QUALITY INSPECTION, TRACK&TRACE and PHARMA INDUSTRY 4.0
  • Product End-to-end solution ManageArtworks

    ManageArtworks is a cloud-based packaging and artwork life cycle management system. It connects people and processes across internal departments, stakeholders, customers, suppliers, agencies, and vendors to get products faster to the market while meeting regulatory compliance. We warranty a seam...
  • Product Proofiler

    The EyeC Proofiler is a complete range of off-line inspection systems that help companies check the quality of all types of printed samples. Designed for print shops and their customers - such as companies in the pharmaceutical, consumer and luxury goods, tobacco, food and beverage industries - the EyeC...
  • Product Cosmetic Inspection Machine

    Automated visual inspection technology reliably detects cosmetic defects on ampoule packaging to securely remove them from the blow-fill-seal production line.

    These cosmetic defects include:
    • Variations in filling • Black spots in the walls of the ampoule • Forming or vacuum errors • Pu...
  • Product Automated Visual Inspection

    The automated visual inspection platform VISION CAV is designed for a customized, fully-automated inspection of particles and cosmetic defects of vials with liquid or lyophilized products. 

    Cosmetic and particle inspectionFor the inspection of cosmetic defects, the test samples are r...
  • Product GPX1500 Vial

    The Gasporox GPX1500 Vial represents a new approach to headspace oxygen gas inspection – fast, accurate, non-intrusive and non-destructive, in tubular vials. 
    The GPX1500 Vial is a very compact and easy to use instrument to measure accurate the headspace of pharmaceutical containers. Change over to ...
  • Product SPINE FIBO

    SPINE FIBO is the first and only machine in the world that combines 100% visual inspection and sorting with counting and bottle filling. In short, it is the first machine to visually inspect all surfaces of each product, sort out defective products and then immediately fill bottles with good product only....
  • Product T-FIT Clean

    T-FIT Clean is a unique, modular insulation system designed for demanding, highly controlled production environments and aseptic areas. Manufactured from ZOTEK F42HTLS, it is the only insulation designed specifically for cleanroom operations in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Semiconductor industries. T...
  • Product Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

    With a full analytical package for Biologics, Quality Assistance provides scientific and technical support to biopharmaceutical companies developing Antibody-Drug Conjugates. Thanks to our combined experience with small molecule cytotoxics and monoclonal antibodies, we can provide full analyt...
  • Product Thermohygrometer – testo 608

    Testo offers testo 608 thermohygrometer for measurement of humidity/dewpoint/temperature incl. battery. Testo 608-H2 alarm hygrometer reliably indicates when humidity and temperature limits have been exceeded in garden centres, warehouses, cleanrooms, museums, laboratories etc, to name a few.
  • Product CIP System

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing process equipment are generally cleaned using a strategic CIP system design that meets ASME-BPE standards; CIP plays an vital role in optimizing the cleaning and validation processes Designing a CIP system begins by sizing for sufficient flow and pressure to thoroughly re...
  • Product Wasdell QP Services

    Our dedicated QP Services team are able to provide compliance support, audit services, regulatory consultancy and QP certification for imported medicinal products.
  • Product LYNX-IMPERA

    LYNX-IMPERA is an encompassing software ideal for packaging lines.
    • Area of Application: Line Management, Machine and Device Control on Packaging Lines, Serialisation, Aggregation and Deaggregation, Mark & Verify of Folding-Boxes, Displays and Shipping Boxes
  • Product Berberine HCL / Berberis Aristata Extract / Berberine Hydrochloride

    Changsha Huir Biological-Tech Co., Ltd. 

    is a Pre-listed professional herbal extracts and APIs manufacturer with Five Plants in China, Three Warehouses in USA(CA,NY,FL), One warehouse in Europe

  • Product TOC analyzer

     TA-2.0 Total organic carbon (TOC) is developed on the basis of the original offline total organic carbon analysis instrument, which can meet both online and offline test modes for the users. And 3 points can be online measured switching one by one, so the application is more extensive, which can complet...
  • Product Clinical Supply

    Recipharm have more than 20 years experience supplying clinical trial material to our clients. Our development facilities cater for a range of clinical trials from preclincal to smaller Phase III trials. We also offer commercial manufacturing for very large clinical batches.
  • Product Quality Control

    Our facility is provided with a quality assurance laboratory, equipped to analyse both raw materials and finished goods, a service we also provide to third parties. Microbiological studies, environmental quality and water quality controls are carried out as well.

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