Rapid Tests & Self Tests/Diagnostics

Rapid Tests & Self Tests/Diagnostics
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Diagnostics and life science companies rely on our competence, among others in point of care testing. We realize heart attack rapid tests, influenza rapid tests, corona tests, urine rapid tests, HIV self-tests and pregnancy tests, as well as components for blood tests such as HbA1c tests or cassette systems and consumables for laboratory diagnostics. For decades, Sanner has been a qualified supplier for renowned providers of diagnostic applications. Particularly in the field of in vitro diagnostics, we offer solutions that are implemented in contract manufacturing, as well as from industrial design through product development to series production.We develop and manufacture customer-specific products with a clear focus on high quality standards even for high volumes, 100% traceability through integrated ME systems, with production also in clean room, GMP compliant and certified according to 13485. We implement your concept or provide a turnkey solution.

Sanner GmbH

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Sanner GmbH

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More Products from Sanner GmbH

  • AdPack® Desiccant Packs and AdCap® Desiccant Closures

    Product AdPack® Desiccant Packs and AdCap® Desiccant Closures

    Sanner AdPack® desiccant packs are made of very durable and tear-resistant Tyvek® material, which makes it virtually puncture-proof. We offer AdPack® desiccant packets in different sizes as single strips or on reel. Thanks to the flat and compact design of the desiccant packs, they take up only little space inside the package. The cost-efficient solution to upgrade your drug packaging to a complete desiccant system.The innovative design of AdCap® desiccant canister combines the benefits of standard desiccant capsules and containers in a single product and ensures that moisture or odors are optimally adsorbed right after filling. No matter where the desiccant canister is situated in the container – its cardboard disk and grid structure in the desiccant capsule wall makes it your 360 degree adsorption solution with 30% more humidity adsorption after 24 hours compared to conventional desiccant capsules
  • Effervescent Packaging with IML-Technology or Offset Printing

    Product Effervescent Packaging with IML-Technology or Offset Printing

    Sanner is the one-stop-shop supplier for effervescent packaging. No other manufacturer can offer you this range of high-quality system solutions with different decorating techniques such as offset HD or In Mould Labeling : from the smallest Flip Off closures with short tubes through to long vials and caps with seal diameters of approx. 36 mm. And not to forget the Sanner classics DASG and DOSG which stand for high quality desiccant caps. Only original with 5 fingers and Sanner undercuts for the warranty function. The fit of the cap and the vials are extremly good and all our products meet the regulatory requirements of the food and/or pharmaceutical industry. All Sanner packaging solutions have an excellent workability on all filling lines, as well as short and flexible delivery times at fair market prices. 
  • Components for syringes

    Product Components for syringes

    Our pre-fillable syringes form a complete system when combined with the plunger rods and stoppers, the needle guard and finger rest enlargement. Especially the finger rest enlargement leads to more safety and user-friendliness. Thanks to our usability engineering, we manufacture piston rods and finger rest enlargements, also in two-component injection molding, for a better grip and even more safety during the injection, especially during aesthetic treatments or cosmetic surgery.
  • Inhaler

    Product Inhaler

    Sanner has been developing and producing pulmonary applications such as inhalers (MDIs or DPIs) for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma or COPD in close cooperation with leading pharmaceutical companies for many years. 

    As a turnkey solution provider, we master all stages of the development process up to series production. Our product designers and engineers work for rapid series production readiness with a clear focus on Design for Manufacturing in accordance with your product ideas and all regulatory requirements. We use precision injection molding to supply you with components for your inhalers that are easy to assemble and ensure optimum functional safety.

  • Teststrip Packaging

    Product Teststrip Packaging

    As the market leader in Asia with a strong global background, Sanner is your reliable partner for all kinds of teststrip packaging. The highest density and optimum moisture regulation are our number one priority. You can be sure that the desiccant solution we select guarantees the test strip’s functionality. Whether you opt for individual teststrip packaging solutions or standard products from our catalogue – we offer you a price-performance ratio we like to be measured against. Our teststrip packaging is applied all over the world and can also be put to the test in price-sensitive markets. You receive superior quality in large quantities, combined with maximum product safety.
  • Customized Primary Packaging

    Product Customized Primary Packaging

    Sanner relies on its experience as CDMO in the selection of suitable materials and their technical suitability, in the processing of different plastics, in sealing and joining technology and in the integration of various assembly steps. For our product designers and engineers, these expertises are just as much a part of the development of your specific solution as a Design for Manufacturing from the very beginning. It takes regulatory requirements, feasibility in series production and usability engineering from the very beginning to develop and implement products quickly and efficiently to series production. Thanks to validated and certified processes, such as the Sanner-specific Sanner IDP Process®, you receive a secure and targeted implementation of your specifications. This includes certification according to DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 13485 and DIN ISO 15378 as well as our manufacturing experience in clean rooms and integrated ME systems for 100% traceability.
  • Desiccant Packaging for solid drugs

    Product Desiccant Packaging for solid drugs

    The high-quality desiccant pharmaceutical packaging from Sanner feature a very high tightness, as well as moisture or odor protection for all demands. Whether you require desiccant caps with bottles or vials or desiccant cansiters or desiccant packets, we will find the right adsorber solutions for your product. Sanner offers adsorber screw-caps with tamper-evident or child-resistant functions and the fitting bottles and vials that the package is moisture tight. All our pharmaceutical packaging adsorber solutions have been verified according to the Sanner Atmo Guard System® for a leak-proof sealing, moisture tightness and right type and amount of adsorbers to lead to a safe, timely and cost-effective market launch. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO-certified. They have been built according to the highest quality standards and are designed for a GMP-compliant production of pharmaceutical packaging.
  • Sanner BioBase®

    Product Sanner BioBase®

    With Sanner BioBase®, Sanner presents the first sustainable organic effervescent packaging made from > 90% renewable raw materials. Especially for the main tablet size of 25 mm in diameter, we offer different tube lengths and 5 suitable closure solutions, including the Sanner classics DASG-1 and DOSG-1, as well as the user-friendly and modern FOG-27 FlipTop closure. Bio-based plastic packaging is independent of fossil raw material deposits and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Sanner BioBase® as bio-based packaging is almost identical to PE and can be recycled. It has has increased water vapor barrier properties than conventional effervescent packaging, thus extending the shelf life of your products. In addition Sanner BioBase® has a good and high-quality feel. It is printable or can be produced with an IML label.

Sanner GmbH resources

  • News Sanner - Your CDMO for Medical Devices

    Our State-of-the-art GMP production units in Europe & Asia offer our customers individual ridgid plastic components & consumables. As CDMO we live regulatory compliance, Design for Manufacturing from beginning and an high-end project management with standardized stage-gate processes like the Sanner IDP Process® which combines long-term primary packaging expertise and medical device development experience in one holistic process.
  • Technical Data Sanner Academy

    On the Sanner Academy Platform our experts share specific information about products, use of desiccants, new innovations, development expertise, sustainability, new trends and much more. https://www.sanner-group.com/en/sanner-academy

    Webinars: In the Sanner webinars we give background information on products, services and development issues. For each webinar there is at least an English version for our international customer basis, for some there might be a German version as well.

    Podcast & Whitepaper: Here you can find podcasts in English and German on trending topics like e.g. sustainable packaging as well as whitepapers on specific scientific research done by Sanner with more background information in English, German and French.

    Product Insights: Here you will find short clips or videos presenting information about the Sanner  Product Portfolio or new Product Solutions.

  • News Sanner introduces bio-based plastic packaging

    Represents the first biopackaging of its kind made of renewable raw materials.
  • Video Sanner at a glance

     SANNER – Protecting Health. We take this claim very seriously. Maximizing product and patient safety is our primary goal. And we demonstrate this on a daily basis with our full range of packaging for pharmaceutical, medtech, healthcare and dietary supplement products as well as with our competencies as CDMO for medical devices.

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