RayDrop for micro-particles and micro-encapsulation

Product description

On the basis of microfluidic principles, Secoya develops and supplies a novel technology – RayDrop®- for the production of monodispersed droplets or particles. 

The emulsification process in the RayDrop® is based on co-flow and flow-focusing technologies embedded in a stainless-steel housing. Furthermore, the RayDrop® integrates the possibility to produce double emulsion (W/O/W, O/W/O), e.g. for the production of core/shell particles or capsules.

Monodispersed PLGA particles are easily produced using the RayDrop® technology with particle size from 10 up to 200 µm and without the use of chlorinated solvent. The technology is suitable for the efficient encapsulation of any active ingredients, being either hydrophobic or hydrophilic, achieving an encapsulation efficiency exceeding 95%.

Raydrop is perfectly suited for producing various types of particles, such as alginate, liposomes, ... with the desired particle size.

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