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  • Product PRESTO W85 Process System

    High cooling capacities enable extremely low temperatures down to -85 °C possible. The high heating capacity, particularly with the A85t and the W85t, provides even more flexibility in the application.

  • Product Walk-In Cold Chamber (Cooling Cabinet)

    Allyone has a long & rich experience of manufacturing state of the art Cooling Cabinets/ Cold chambers which are the most trustworthy equipment maintaining the exact set point, assuring absolute uniformity as they are meticulously designed & built for optimum performance keeping in mind environment...
  • Product Evaporative condensing type screw chiller(+7℃~-7℃;-7℃~-37℃;)

    normal temperature:
    Supply liquid temperature range: +7℃~-7℃

    Refrigerating capacity: 92.3KW~3797.6KW

    medium/low temperature:

    Supply liquid temperature: -7℃~-37℃

    Refrigerating capacity: 53.5KW~1962.6KW

  • Product Ultra low temperature Deep freezer

    Ultra low temperature freezer models ULT 490 & ULT 650 with environment friendly design incorporate the latest in cabinet, refrigeration, temperature control and monitoring features. They provide a safe and reliable performance to fulfill storage conditions in life science, biological, medical ...
  • Product Air cooled screw (heat-pump) chiller

    Supply liquid temperature range:0℃~10℃

    Refrigerating capacity: 66KW~354.5KW

  • Product Evaporative condenser

    Discharge heat capacity :130KW ~3000KW

  • Product Data Logger

    We have a wide range of data loggers for various applications such as cold chain shipments, warehouse mapping and production area monitoring.

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