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  • Product PHARMA-CHAIN pharmaceutical refrigerators and medical freezers

    We offer various types of pharmaceutical refrigerators and medical freezers specially designed to comply pharmaceutical regulations. In our wide range of products, you can choose between pharmaceutical and laboratory refrigerators, blood bank refrigerators and ultra-low temperature freezers up to -86°C. qq...
  • Product Walk-In Cold Chamber (Cooling Cabinet)

    Allyone has a long & rich experience of manufacturing state of the art Cooling Cabinets/ Cold chambers which are the most trustworthy equipment maintaining the exact set point, assuring absolute uniformity as they are meticulously designed & built for optimum performance keeping in mind environment fr...
  • Product Walk-In Deep Freezer (up to -30°C)

    The Pharmaceutical & allied industries use Deep freezers for effective storage of drug products, life-saving vaccines and samples for diagnosis, but are also perfectly suited for temperature tests and aging subjected at sub-zero temperatures.

    They can be used for storage of fresh and fr...
  • Product DYNEO DD-1000F Refrigerated/Heating Circulator

    New temperature control technology for demanding applications. DYNEO DD refrigerated circulators have a wide working temperature range. Refrigerated circulators are suitable for both internal and external applications. The multilingual 3.5-inch color display and unique rotary knob provide for straightforward ...
  • Product Evaporative condensing type screw chiller(+7℃~-7℃;-7℃~-37℃;)

    normal temperature:
    Supply liquid temperature range: +7℃~-7℃

    Refrigerating capacity: 92.3KW~3797.6KW

    medium/low temperature:

    Supply liquid temperature: -7℃~-37℃

    Refrigerating capacity: 53.5KW~1962.6KW

  • Product Ultra low temperature Deep freezer

    Ultra low temperature freezer models ULT 490 & ULT 650 with environment friendly design incorporate the latest in cabinet, refrigeration, temperature control and monitoring features. They provide a safe and reliable performance to fulfill storage conditions in life science, biological, medical and...
  • Product Air cooled screw (heat-pump) chiller

    Supply liquid temperature range:0℃~10℃

    Refrigerating capacity: 66KW~354.5KW

  • Product Evaporative condenser

    Discharge heat capacity :130KW ~3000KW

  • Product Data Logger

    We have a wide range of data loggers for various applications such as cold chain shipments, warehouse mapping and production area monitoring.

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