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23 Apr 2013

Report pinpoints Midwest as bioscience powerhouse of the US

A new report from Ernst & Young has named the Midwest as America’s leading region for bioscience research.

The Midwest has grown to become the most vibrant bioscience research hub in the whole of the United States, a newly-published paper notes.
Despite the strength of universities and other research institutions on both the east and west coasts of the country, according to the latest industry report from Ernst & Young, it is the Midwest region which is currently leading the way when it comes to research and development.
Indeed, the nine state region, which include Illinois and Ohio, is now home to 16,800 biotechnology firms, employing more than 377,000 people.
In comparison, California boasts just 7,500 biotech companies, while the West Coast is also lagging behind in terms of university research, the paper also notes.
Welcoming the news, David Miller, president of Illinois-based iBIO, said: “The report shows not only that Illinois is a remarkably diversified biotech powerhouse but also that our state is at the heart of a Midwest region that easily holds its own with either coast.”
This comes just days after the Industrial Technology and Enterprise Advisory Council approved several million dollars worth of new funding for the Ohio Clinical Trials Collaborative initiative.

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