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We are a Swiss company with an experience of more than 10 years in the development, manufacturing and distribution of a large range of high quality products (Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Food Supplements) for the international market.  

We combine the herbal tradition teachings with the rigor and the precision of the scientific methods translating into outstanding quality compliance for safe and efficient products.

"Care through nature”: This is more than just a slogan for us, it is the focus of our actions and the commitment we bring to our product and service portfolio by using only natural and safe ingredients in our formulations.

Our mission is to provide innovative products and support our partners and distributors with approval know-how to comply with the need of global healthcare professionals.

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Products from Respira AG

  • AQUAMER sea water

    Product AQUAMER sea water

    La gamme AQUAMER est un spray nasal pour bébé, enfant et adulte. Nous avons des formulaires adaptés en fonction de l'âge et des symptômes. Il est composé d'eau de mer diluée connue et contrôlée selon la concentration recherchée (Isotonique et Hypertonique). C'est une gamme de produits certifiée CE.
  • ENFACALM syrups

    Product ENFACALM syrups

    ENFACALM syrups line is a natural preparation based in plant extract with therapeutical indication.We use natural sugaring based on Agave Syrup.
    We ensure to use natural ingredients for a better acceptability.
  • ENFACALM balm

    Product ENFACALM balm

    ENFACALM balm is a line of products for massage that can be used for children and adults.
    It has proven safety and efficacy. It is an emulsion of natural active hypoallergenic ingredients, tested Under dermatological control. Without paraben, nor essential oils, nor allergen.
    This line contains the ENFACLM balm Respiratory confort, ENFACALM balm Digestive confort and ENFACALM balm Sleep.


  • CicaSpray Wound care line

    Product CicaSpray Wound care line

    A line of Medical Device Wound and Skin Spray Solutions:

    v CicaSpray Powder: Coadjuvant in the treatment of wounds, abrasions, minor burns and especially skin lesions in the presence of exudate.

    o   Skin Burns

    o   Limb Ulcers

    o   Diabetic Foot

    v CicaSpray Freeze : fast-acting pain relief for strains, sprains, muscles and joints. Help to reduce swelling and pain.

    o   Joints Sprains

    o   Sports Accidents

    o   Muscle Contusions

    v CicaSpray Plaster : provides instant and transparent wound protection.

    o   Knuckles

    o   Small Wounds

    o   Minor Cuts And Grazes

    v CicaSpray Foot : prevention against athlete foot and anti-transpirant for reliable protection against sweat.

    o   Hard Walkers

    o   Athlete’s Foot

    o   Hypersweating Foot

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