23 Apr 2020

Femaflor ovules brochure

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• Restoration of the Vaginal Flora
• Prevention and control of vulvovaginitis (even in case of mycosis)
• Reduction of vaginal itching, burning, and irritation.

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  • News The importance of Pronutim® for COVID-19 patients

    The COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented challenges and threats to patients and healthcare systems worldwide.
  • Brochure Capricorn Life Sciences Product List

    Capricorn Life Sciences is a trusted provider of unique, high quality products to many healthcare companies around the world.

    Our product portfolio of Food Supplements, FSMP’s, medical devices and OTC pharmaceuticals covers a broad range of therapeutic indications, including gyneacology/ women’s health, pediatrics and ENT. The range includes unique galenic presentations such as vapor patches, stickpacks, controlled release tablets, effervescent tablets, nasal sprays, oral sprays and throat sprays.

    Efficacy and safety of our products have been proven in clinical trials and/or are supported by approved EFSA claims.

    Manufacturing is performed by various European GMP and/or HACCP approved factories, ensuring a guaranteed and constant high quality.

    The products can be marketed under our ready brands but we are open to discuss supply under private label as well.

    Complete EU regulatory dossiers and full regulatory support are provided.
  • Brochure NOZOFAST KIT brochure

    NOZOFAST KIT is a product ideal for daily nasal hygiene in infants and children.
    • Allows to atomized the solution in few seconds
    • Not needing electricity or mask
    • It’s hygienic: it can be washed and reused
    • Thanks to its small size you can carry it with you
    • The dispenser is made of a soft colored material
    • The shape is specially designed for the child’s nostril
  • Brochure Arterinorm brochure

    Triple strike at atherosclerosis
    • Decreases the synthesis of cholesterol LDL*(the most atherogenic fraction of cholesterol), triglycerides and increases HDL levels* (anti-atherogenic lipoproteins)
    • Lowers blood homocysteine
    • Anti-oxidant effect
  • Brochure Fermaferti gel brochure

    • Unexplained infertility
    • Sperm motility
    • Comfortable environment in vagina (sperm survival)