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22 Apr 2021

Revolutionize your freeze-drying process

Introducing TrackSense LyoPro

Do you want to revolutionize your freeze-drying process?

We are proud to introduce a unique solution that will revolutionize the freeze-drying process throughout the industry - TrackSense LyoPro.

LyoPro has been designed with size in mind and is engineered to create efficiency in processes by alleviating multiple challenges seen throughout lyophilization, specifically when operating automatic loading and unloading systems.

So whether it is temperature mapping your lyophilizer, validating the process or optimizing batch control, our new compact TrackSense LyoPro data logger system is your unique solution from pilot to production.

  • More than 100 transmitting data loggers in a single study
  • Eliminate data gaps using internal memory for FDA compliance
  • Comply with norms for shelf mapping and batch monitoring
  • Ensure sample integrity with pin-point positioning of highly accurate sensors
  • Avoid down-time with on-site user calibration tools
  • Save time by accessing live data directly to your PC
  • Easy sensor installation and placement within the process
  • Comply with FDA regulations using an industry leading software
  • Central access and control with SCADA/Citrix/Amazon compatibility
  • We have solutions for both fully automatic and manual freeze-drying processes and we would like to hear about your lyophilization challenges you face today and explain you how this revolutionary new product might help.

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