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  • Product Paper-based NFC and RFID inlays

    VBS showcase at Pharmapack innovative inlays for test-tube applications.       VBS provides functional inlay transponders, sensor enabled electronic circuits for smart IoT devices. We also develop tailor-made IoT components, from combined NFC/RFID transponders to more complex batt...
  • Product FMD compliant seals for pharma industry

    For security reasons, to prevent copying, we focus on VOID designs which are aligned with the label shape and design.
    The effect must consider the amount of space available. It may display one or all of the following:

    · a language fee symbol such as an opened lock, an X or a broken g...
  • Product CordenPharma Injectables Platform

    Your Expert Partner for Clinical & Commercial Injectable Drug Product Supply
    • >> Wide & balanced range of injectable services incl. capability for combining injectable drugs and devices (combination products) • >> Aseptic and Terminal Sterilization Fill & Finish Technologies forP...
  • Product Innovation In Injection-Molding

    Injection-Molded RFID/NFC.  Weidmann Medical Technology has developed a manufacturing technology with which RFID-Tags and Chips cna be partially or completely encased in plastic resin. This allows traceability of shipments and their contents of disposable materials, an item of ever-increasing imp...
  • Product Serialization & Aggregation

    The effective protection against counterfeiting through product coding, serialization and aggregation of drugs (primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging) has become a regulatory requirement in various markets.

    Through intelligent and customer-oriented packaging line...
  • Product Serialized Labels

    RFID, Barcode, 2D, Datamatrix. We print on demand.100% inspection of printed labels
  • Product SoftGroup® SaTT EU Hub Gateway

    SoftGroup® SaTT EU Hub Gatewayoffers an upload/update of PMD (Product Master Data) and PPD (Product Pack Data) to the EU HUB (EMVO). Via this Cloud solution, the MAH / Parallel distributor could select which serialized batch should be reported to EMVO. The system allows status verification of a...
  • Product Pharma Trace Top - Serialization and Top Labelling

    Automatic Track and Trace system for pharmaceutical serialization and the application of a label on the top of pharmaceutical boxes (bollino or vignette style label, label for Chinese serialization). 
  • Product RIFD integrated labels

    Carlucci srl provides RFID tag technology on self-adhesive supports and implements integrated systems that utilize the radio-frequency-RFID technology for automatic identification.
  • Product RFID Labels

    The most common use for RFID tags are used to track and identify pharmaceutical products through the supply chain, enable inventory visibility and replenishment, and provide real-time locations of assets.

    Why use CCL on your next RFID project?   

    CCL works with the indu...
  • Product Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging

    Palladio Group can count on the decade-long experience of Pharma Partners, which offers two interconnected and separate divisions: Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging and consultancy.Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging is specialised in Serialisation and Track & Trace services (Reg. 161/2016). It is authorise...
  • Product BD Hylok™ Glass Prefillable Syringe For IV Injection - Make it a part of your drug development strategy

    BD Hylok™ Glass Prefillable Syringe for IV Injection is a new luer syringe for the administration of IV drugs. It offers customers the advantages of glass containers (e. g., medication stability) with a robust luer connection. BD Hylok™ is a ready-to-use glass solution, comp...
  • Product RFID & NFC Antenna & Design Services in Luxembourg

    VBS designs can be co-developed with customers and partners to find a sustainable, effective and robust solution on various substrates including Paper. 

    We offer rapid prototyping and a flexible pick & place solution. We are able to produce in different formats and variable quanti...
  • Product NFC, UHF and HF RFID eco-friendly antennas

    Eco-friendly, produced in Luxembourg.  VBS NFC and RFID antennas printed on multiple types of substrates, including recyclable paper-based substrates. 

    We use an eco-friendly industrial additive printing process, which uses no water, no vacuum, and generates minimum waste.

  • Product CODIKETT

    Digital product verification and traceability in the cloud 

    With the Codikett cloud platform, you'll discover your actual flow of goods very simply as your customers use online product verification. Codikett connects consumers, products and IoT services, generating...
  • Product Pharma Trace Smart - serialization and track and trace

    Automatic system for serialization and track and trace of pharmaceutical boxes provides for serialization of close boxes and further tracing by visionsystems. 


    Contact us for more information: [email protected]
  • Product Pharma Trace Seal - Serialization, Track & Trace and Tamper-evident Labelling

    Automatic system  for serialization, track and trace, and anticounterfeiting with tamper-evident labelling by application of 2 closing seal labels on the flaps of pharmaceutical boxes.

  • Product Pharma 4 - Serialization, Top and Tamper-evident Labelling

    Automatic system for serialization, bollino/vignette application and tamper-evident labelling. Pharma 4 is the most complete system for online Track & Trace, providing different functions, e.g. pharmaceutical tracking & tracing and serialization, top labelling (application of bollino/vignette style la...

    RFID case study and & engineering /  Hardware & Antennas
    RFID Label portfolio / customized labels on demand
  • Product Vial & Syringe labels

    Cinta-Plast provide a wide range of label solutions for vial identification.

    We work with special white and clear films materials for vial identification.
    Wide range of materials appropiate for a every temperature range.
    Expertise in product serialization ( Datamatrix and QR)
    Solutions for fre...

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