RIGEL Life Sciences, leaders in the contamination control field, offer the most advanced solutions and the highest quality in sampling with the lowest environmental impact.
The Company has built and maintained a growing reputation of excellence within the market, exceeding customer expectations to leading corporations and institutions where full compliance is vital. 

Rigel Life Sciences’ instruments cover many aspects of contamination control: microbiological sampling devices in low-contamination environments, a full range of instruments for the aerosol generation and integrity testing of HEPA and ULPA absolute filters, smoke generators for airflow visualization and control.

Rigel Life Sciences calibration laboratory meets the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025:2017, as certified by ACCREDIA, the Italian Accreditation Body, and is accredited according to the ISO 21501-4:2018 for the following measurands: particle size, counting efficiency, size resolution and sampling flow rate.

For accredited calibration activities, Rigel Life Sciences issues internationally recognized Calibration Certificates.

RIGEL Life Sciences is the first worldwide manufacturer to have developed a new generation monitoring system, IEMS Next®, able to comply/exceed the performances requested by the ISO 14644-2:2015, with particular reference to the integration of multiple instruments, a superior real-time characterization of the area being monitored, rapid assessment of the alert and action levels, statistical trend analysis of the rare events and a fully optimized reporting for a comprehensive events’ analysis.

RIGEL Life Sciences provides custom made solutions for your requirements whether your industry focus is pharmaceutical, healthcare or biotech.

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  • Climet CI-97

    Product Climet CI-97

    Climet Portable Microbial Sampler
  • Climet CI-x70

    Product Climet CI-x70

    Climet Portable Particle Counter
  • IEMS Next®

    Product IEMS Next®

    Rigel Integrated Environmental Monitoring System
  • RI4001

    Product RI4001

    Rigel Biological Air Sampler
  • RI7001

    Product RI7001

    Rigel Aerosol Photometer
  • RI8201

    Product RI8201

    Rigel Laskin Nozzle Aerosol Generator
  • RI8401

    Product RI8401

    Rigel Thermal Aerosol Generator