Rizaport® - Rizatriptan VersaFilmTM

Rizaport®  -  Rizatriptan VersaFilmTM
Product Description

Rizaport®  is a novel, competitive and differentiated oral thin film formulation of rizatriptan for the acute treatment of migraine. 
Key Licensing Highlights

  • Orally disintegrating film, without need for water, provides exceptional convenience for migraine patients who experience nausea or have trouble swallowing
  • Rizaport®  is the first oral thin film using IntelGenx proprietary drug delivery technology, VersaFilmTM, for the acute treatment of migraine with or without aura
  • Containing rizatriptan, one of the most effective triptans
  • Bioequivalent to Maxalt-MLT® (Merck & Co.)
  • The first rizatriptan oral disintegrating film to achieve approval in the E.U. and pending U.S. FDA approval
  • USPTO has granted a patent protecting Rizaport®  for 15+ years
  • Manufactured at IntelGenx through a bona fide process offering better cost-effectiveness compared to Maxalt-MLT®
  • IntelGenx offers strong expertise in formulation and process development as well as manufacturing capability
  • Strong management team with a proven track record of success in working with commercialization partners
Our commercialization partners are Exeltis, a subsidiarity of the Chemo Group (Spain) and Pharmatronic (Republic of Korea). 

We are currently looking for a partnership or alliance opportunity to commercialize Rizaport® in any territories worldwide apart from Spain and the Republic of Korea. 


  • CA
  • 2015
    On CPHI since


  • CA
  • 2015
    On CPHI since

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