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19 Feb 2013

Roche to commercialise Chiasma’s Octreolin treatment

Roche has acquired global licencing rights for the acromegaly treatment, which is in phase three trials.

A new agreement has been signed by biopharma companies Roche and Chiasma to work together on developing and commercialising the latter’s proprietary Octreolin product.

The investigational oral form of the peptide octreotide is being developed for use by patients with acromegaly who subsequently develop neuroendocrine tumours.

Currently, Octreolin is under phase three clinical trials for treatment of people with acromegaly, a long-term condition in which the body develops too much growth hormone and tissues continue growing over time.
Under the terms of the agreement, Roche will have exclusive worldwide rights to market Octreolin and will assume responsibility for its commercialisation.

At the same time, Chiasma will continue development through completion of the ongoing trials. In return, it will receive an upfront payment of $65 million for the worldwide licence, as well as future considerations of up to $530 million as commercial milestones are met.

Fredric D Price, chairman of Chiasma, said: "We are especially pleased to have entered into this agreement with Roche, an ideal collaboration partner that has the right development and commercial resources in the areas of endocrinology and oncology to support Octreolin."

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