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14 Apr 2020

Romaco completes virtual FAT for a blister machine

Live stream of a factory acceptance test for a Romaco Noack blister machine.

Despite current travel restrictions, the machine manufacturer manages to perform factory acceptance tests (FATs) via a live stream at its manufacturing facility.

Romaco is responding to the corona crisis by taking new approaches with the factory acceptance tests for its machines. The first Romaco Noack blister machine for a pharmaceutical producer in southern China has now passed its virtual FAT, which was carried out via a live stream.

In the light of current travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer's customers are not allowed to attend the factory acceptance tests for their new equipment in person. Romaco has, therefore, begun carrying out FATs via a live stream or a video conferencing facility instead.

The first live remote FAT for a Noack blister machine was recently completed successfully at the Romaco manufacturing facility in Karlsruhe (Germany). This machine for a pharmaceutical producer in southern China can now be shipped and put into operation as planned.

The virtual FAT followed exactly the same procedure as its conventional counterpart. According to the FAT report, all tests relevant to production and safety were performed on the machine and streamed live.

Only half a day was required for the virtual acceptance of the Noack 623 blister machine, which will be used to seal ultra-lightweight and almost transparent hard gelatine capsules in aluminium–aluminium blisters. The people responsible at the customer end in China monitored the various functional tests closely during the live broadcast. The project manager in charge at Romaco China was at their side to translate any questions and answers straight away and ensure problem-free communication.

A blister line, complete with cartoner and case packer, is currently being acceptance-tested via a live link for a French manufacturer of contract packaging. Parallel to this, preparations are also underway for the FAT for two Romaco Siebler effervescent packaging lines destined for a pharmaceutical group in the US.

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