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2 Jun 2014

Rx-360 Expands into China

From ChinaDaily USA

The US-based Rx-360, a global pharmaceutical industry consortium of volunteers protecting patient safety and enhancing supply-chain security, plans to increase its activities in China, which has become a major supplier for the global drug industry.


The Washington-based nonprofit organization was established in 2009 to protect patient safety by sharing information and developing processes related to the integrity of the healthcare supply chain and the quality of materials within the supply chain.

"With globalization of distribution for both drug components and finished products, China has undoubtedly played an important role in the global pharmaceutical industry. The country has a large number of manufactures, supplying raw materials to the world," said Brian Johnson, chairman of Rx-360, who is also the senior director of supply chain security at the drug company Pfizer. "How to ensure the security of sourcing and supply chain and increase the awareness in the country becomes critical as with many problems that to date have yet to be resolved."


The group's work in China will parallel what it has been doing in the US and Europe for several years, such as raising awareness of issues that have an impact on the security and integrity of pharmaceutical products and sharing best practices through education It will also promote the efficient use of joint and shared audit programmes to continue to improve the transparency of supply channels.


The group has also developed a series of tools and published white papers to help the industry and regulators address key areas of supply-chain security such as cargo theft, illegal product diversion, economically motivated adulteration, monitoring of drug shortages.


"Our goal is to work with local industries and regulators to further our mission in China," said Johnson, adding that this is also a step for RX-360 to invite more participation by local suppliers throughout Asian countries.


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