For over 50 years, Tournaire has manufactured Aluminium primary packaging for APIs and other sensitive chemicals. Our complete range of anodized containers (from sampling up to 32L) with various closing systems holds a DMF Type III at the FDA, and provides Quality Control & UN certificates for the transport of dangerous goods. They ensure indeed perfect chemical stability, complete protectio


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  • Aluminium bottles - T802 tm / T835 tm / O220 tm

    Product Aluminium bottles - T802 tm / T835 tm / O220 tm

    • Capacity: between 2.5L and 32L


    The T802™ and T835™ ranges are primarily used for packaging and transporting solid products (powders, granules, etc.). This 1050A aluminium packaging is ultra-clean and comes in anodised or plain matte versions. It has high impact, tear and chem...
  • Aluminium bottles - System Plus tm

    Product Aluminium bottles - System Plus tm

    • Capacity: between 50ml and 32L


    A true market benchmark, the System Plus™ range is ideal for packaging, transporting and sampling sensitive products. Manufactured from aluminium 1050A and 1070A, this packaging provides high impact, tear and chemical resistance while also guara...

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