S-Adenosyl methionine

Product description

SAM-e is a biological compound found in every living cell of the human body, vital to their function, stability and activity and involved in more than one hundred biochemical reactions and specific processes.

SAM-e has been studied extensively since its chemical structure was first described in 1952 by Dr. Cantoni. Decades of research on the biochemical and molecular roles of SAM-e in cellular metabolism have provided an extensive foundation for its therapeutic use in clinical studies, including those on depression, dementia, liver disease, joint health an osteoarthritis.

SAM-e has been available as a dietary supplement in the US since 1999, but it has been used as a prescription drug in Italy since 1979, in Spain since 1985, and in Germany since 1989 and in several other countries outside EU as injectable and oral formulations.

SAM-e is available in dried mix form, powder form, granular form and tablet form. SAM-e powder is suitable for nutritional application in the form of disulphate ptoluensulfonate salt. It contains more than 75% of (S,S) isomer, recognized as the effective bioavailable form of the ingredient, and is totally obtained through a biofermentation process in a pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. Grade: Oral. Packing size: 10 kg - 25 kg, in LDPE bags. (S,S) Isomer: Greater than 75%. Certifications: Kosher, KOF-K. SAM-e Granular is a formulated bulk powder consisting of coated granules containing S-Adenosyl-L-Methinonine (SAM-e). SAM-e Granular is suitable for human and animal consumption and finds its best application when dosed in capsules and sachets. Grade: Oral. Packing size: 1 Kg - 5 Kg - 25 Kg, in LDPE bags. High Dosage formulation: SAM-e ion assay greater than 38%, Low Dosage formulation: SAM-e ion assay greater than 32%. SAM-e Coated tablets are available with conventional enteric-coated technologies in different dosages and combinations. Dosages: 50, 100, 200 and 400 mg active.
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