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Max Application is an italian software house that develops Oracle database information systems and design customizable software, with a unique aim: optimize and simplify customer business processes.
Our leading product is SafetyDrugs, the best value-for-moneysolution for drug safety database in pharmacovigilance, used by about one out four of Italian pharmaceutical companies, and widespread in the areas covered by the EMA (European MedicineAgency) regulation.

SafetyDrugs is the pharmacovigilance solution that supports the capture, management, reporting and analysis of adverse events from clinical trials and from post marketing surveillance, including cases from literature, of any product category: drugs, devices, vaccines and cosmetics.
The software has been developed in compliance with the ICSR E2B(R3), it is compliant with GVP and manages all EMA and FDA requirements.
SafetyDrugs is customizable to user needs (workflow, controls, user profile, menus and screens).
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