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25 Aug 2021

Sanner - Your CDMO for Medical Devices

Idea – Design – Product – the Sanner IDP-Process® for customized solutions and contract manufacturing projects

Our State-of-the-art GMP production units in Europe & Asia offer our customers individual ridgid plastic components & consumables. As CDMO we live regulatory compliance, Design for Manufacturing from beginning and an high-end project management with standardized stage-gate processes like the Sanner IDP Process® which combines long-term primary packaging expertise and medical device development experience in one holistic process.

Smart medical devices require not only high development competence, but also efficient and professional manufacturing and quality control capabilities. A good concept alone is not enough; the proposed solutions must be designed to make them ready for series production. Only a manufacturer with many years of global experience in implementing even highly complex products and projects can meet these complex requirements.

Rapid prototyping (e.g. 3D printing) and the production of functional prototypes with high dimensional accuracy help to optimize functions on the real component quickly and in a time-saving manner at an early development stage. In addition, a flexible team of engineers, project and quality managers, as well as compliance experts is needed to coordinate all Design for Excellence process steps.

“Form follows (smart) Function” is Sanner's claim. First and foremost, the design must optimize the product’s functionality, ensure adherence, patient security and compliance. In addition, features such as usability, assembly, cost optimization etc. must be fulfilled.

Last but not least, “smart” extensions of medical devices can lead to a decisive competitive advantage, while representing the future of modern medicine.

In a six-phase process, we manage your entire project – from the first idea through to serial production, and beyond. Regardless at which point of the project you enter, the result will be: a smart, efficient and safe solution for your medical device or drug packaging.

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