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Leaders in Pharmaceutical Machinery manufacturing since 1978, specializing in Granulation and Tablet Coating Machinery.

Integrated Granulation Line (100% dust free) through vacuum transfer is our forte, we believe in complete in-house manufacturing to provide the best quality and technology.

We have a very strong user base over the last 40 years in India as well as abroad with clients in almost 30 countries.

Having an all dedicated in house team of draftsmen , electrical/programming personnel and support/service team helps us cater our customers all over the world.

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Products from Saral Engineering Company (3)

  • Auto-Coater - Tablet Coater

    Product Auto-Coater - Tablet Coater

    Primarily used for aqueous or sugar coating of tablets up to desired weight and drying the tablets.

    Tablets can be loaded automatically using an LPD.

    Tablets are initially pre-heated inside the machine and then after reaching the desired temp the coating starts using atomizing type spray gun...
  • Rapid Mixer Granulator - RMG - HSMG

    Product Rapid Mixer Granulator - RMG - HSMG

    We are manufacturing this product since 1978, primarily used for making granules from dry powder by adding binder, consists of a main mixing blade for making the granules and chopper blade for de-lumping purposes.

    We provide 100% automation, has a pneumatically operated lid, discharge port and impeller...
  • Fluid Bed Equipment - FBD - FBP - FBC

    Product Fluid Bed Equipment - FBD - FBP - FBC

    Primarily used for processing powder for tablets like drying, making granules, coating pallets.

    In our machine wire mesh is not required, we have a new technology called Cyclonic Flow Air plate for FBD bowl which eliminates raking and ensures faster/uniform drying.

    This is a multi-purpose ma...