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Cambrex to expand generic API R&D capabilities at Milan, Italy site

Company to increase the number of generic APIs in the company's development pipeline.

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Process innovation needs to be undertaken in early R&D phase

Much needed more efficient manufacturing processes for ADCs aren't being completed by pharma.

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Amneal to close it Hayward, California-based facilities and operations

Company to streamline operations and capture cost synergies.

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Latest news

Solvent removal for kilo-scale preparative chromatography

Solvent removal for kilo-scale preparative chromatography 

21 Jun 2018
CellGenix completes first step of facility expansion

CellGenix completes first step of facility expansion 

21 Jun 2018
Patch-in-a-Can technology to delivery pain management product

Patch-in-a-Can technology to delivery pain management product 

21 Jun 2018

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  • Paperpack
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Latest products

PG18 Case Packer

IMA Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A

Highly compact, side-loading case packer for individual or bundled cartons into pre-glued RSC cases, the PG18 fits easily into the end-of-line process thanks to its reduced footprint. Ideal for packaging products such as pharmaceutical items, the machine can be fully servo-driven  and can be fitted with ...

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End of line Machines

Khimsaria Associates

Individual Carton Over Wrapping Machines upto a speed of 400 Cartons per min, Bundling & Over-wrapping Machines upto speed of 350 Bundles per min and Case Packing Machines- Both Semi Automatic upto 5 Cases per min. and Fully Automatic upto 25 Cases Per Min Models for Cartons / Bundles & Bottles. 

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Carton Packaging Industry


Paperpack is a global pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer, established in Athens, Greece. We annually produce over 500 millions of folding boxes, together with inserts & outserts.

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A range of tapes to ensure easy-opening, tamper-evidence and security.

Essentra’s tear tape technology is an efficient and cost-effective means of incorporating easy-opening, tamper-evidence and security into product packaging. We produce over 31 million km of tear tape annually.


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Label solutions for the implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62

Baehren Druck – Der Pharma-Spezialist

Pre-Serialized Labels: Grading, barcode specifications and code structure comply with regulation 2016/161. 100% verify and process control on GMP basis. Reporting and balancing according to your requirements. Labels ensure a permanent application. Free positioning over the entire packaging area. Manual and ma...

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Manual In Braille

Ache Laboratorios Farmaceuticos S/A

Ache Laboratorios Farmaceuticos S/A offers a wide range of products which includes manual in braille. Features: It is for visually impaired people. It is used in secondary packaging. Contact us for more information.

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Caps, Cases, Closures, Blisters And Lids


IGS GeboJagema offers caps, cases, closures, blisters and lids. Features: it has smart designs which is ensure cost-effective. Contact us for more information.

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Peal seal over pouch

Renolit Medical

RENOLIT MEDICAL manufactures high-quality plastic films and related products for technical applications which includes peal seal over pouch. Features: convenience using by peelable opening, no fibre and particle contamination when opening, autoclave: up to 121 ºc, 30min (steam or hot water).

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Nasal Spray

P&B Group - Laboratoires Richard

P&B Group - Laboratoires Richard offers a wide range of products which includes nasal spray. Contact us for more information.

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Leaflet Illustrative

Eurpack Giustini Sacchetti SRL

Eurpack Giustini Sacchetti offers a leaflet illustrative. Features: it is information tools and also regulatory document with officiality features. It has records for the correct use of the medicine. Contact us for more information.

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ICE Accu

delta T - GmbH

Delta t - gmbh provides wide range of fluid elements which includes Ice Accu. Available in different sizes from 170 ml to 3 liters.  Sealing: laminated aluminium film and protective cap. Will maintain a temperature between -2°C ... +/- 0°C
Contact us for more information.

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Darbox UN TwistPack containers 1H2 UNY and UNX

Darbox Ltd.

Darbox TwistPack™ round 16L and 20L plastic nestable containers are UN-certified for dangerous solid goods and high value materials. The twist closure allows multiple re-opening and closing. Conical shape allows nesting one inside another when empty, stable stacking certified for up to 3 meters high!brhrbrDa...

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Secondary Packaging

Pharmaserv Logistics

Repacking and reworking - Pharmaserv Logistics offers drug packaging in compliance with §13 of the German Medicines Act.Changes in the dosage forms customary on the market and country-specific variations are causing pharmaceutical packaging to become more complex. Pharma manufacturers are having to tackle dec...

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Specialized in dry forms packaging


galien+  Sens unit has a great know-how and expertise in dry forms packaging. 

6 dedicated medium speed lines, in closed, humidity and temperature controlled rooms allow packaging different solid forms. 
Different kinds of tablets, hard and soft capsules are thus packaged...

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Ready pack® system

West Pharmaceutical Services Inc

The West Ready Pack® system is comprised of high-quality primary and secondary packaging components. The Ready Pack system consists of sterilized NovaPure® stoppers, Flip-Off® seals, vials and vial adapters.

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Plumat Maschinenbau Vertriebs GmbH

Easy to integrate – reliable result Our repackaging plants are considered the ideal supplement to our Form Fill Seal systems.

On the Form Fill Seal system, one process line and one film is used to manufacture, Fill and Seal infusion bags. On the integrated repackaging plant, the finished infusion b...

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Texture finish Folding boxes

P.R. Packagings Ltd

Drip effect or texture effect is achieved by printing with UV curable inks. This technique gives certain areas rough or textured effect and certain areas as glossy. This also creates a matt-gloss effect. This is very much used in cosmetics and gives the product a luxury feel.

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VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)

Palladio Group SpA

Thanks to an advanced B2B system and a secure EDIplatform, we manage the customer’s planning and restore its stock level.

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Pharmaceutical Serialization and Anti-Counterfeiting

PCI Pharma Services

Patient safety and product integrity begins with strategic approach in providing pharmaceutical and biotech products through a safe and secure supply chain.PCI partners with clients to develop dynamic and multi-faceted strategies for ensuring product integrity, utilizing the latest technologies in product ser...

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Famar Tec srl

The horizontal case packer can be provided in two versions: completely automatic case packer mod. HCP312 and semi-automatic case packer mod. HCP313.

The machine can be implemented with Track & Trace devices and software solutions for aggregation.

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Kodak Specialty Chemicals

Kodak specialty chemicals offers kodak flexcel nx plates. It is used as secondary packaging in pharmaceuticals. Contact us for more information.

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Stretch-banding machine

Jornen Machinery Co Ltd

Jornen machinery co.,ltd offers a wide range of products which includes stretch-banding machine. Features: it is energy-saving as it does not require heating up. Contact us for more information.

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Form Fill Seal Machine

Indo German Pharma Engineers

Indo german pharma engineers offers a wide range of Form Fill Seal Machine machine which includes form fill seal machine. Features: it is used in intravenous solutions, urological products, eye, ear and nose drops, inhalation therapy liquids, wound cleaning, irrigation solutions, veterinary liquids, contact l...

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Nekicesa Packaging S.L

Nekicesa Packaging S.L offers a wide range of pharmaceutical packaging which includes leaflets. Features: 1 sheet reel-feed, 2 sheet reel-feed, flat, folded; folded type:- paralell, symmetrical or assymetric; half page letter; gate fold; letter fold; z fold. Contact us for more information.

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Winged infusion sets

B. Braun Melsungen AG

B. Braun melsungen ag offers a wide range of products which includes winged infusion sets. It belongs to fluid administration systems category.feature: it is winged infusion sets in a variety of gauge sizes and lengths. Contact us for more information.

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Isothermal Box MV20/20/20-EPS


Storopack offers wide range of packaging solutions which includes isothermal box mv20/20/20-eps. Contact us for more information.

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Wallet Packaging

Rondo AG

Rondo AG offers wide range of packaging solutions which includes wallet packaging. Benefits: a cost-effective and safe packaging solution for clinical trial samples in small and medium-sized quantities; no hotmelt processes needed; no special format parts or tools needed, etc. Contact us for more information.

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Vial / parenteral labeling and packaging

Pharma Packaging Solutions

Pharma packaging solutions offers a wide range of secondary packaging products which includes vial / parenteral labeling and packaging. Contact us for more information.

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US Locked4Kids carton

Locked 4 Kids

Locked 4 Kids provides wide range of products which includes us locked4kids carton. It is tested against f=1 on multiple sizes by the iso 17025 certified testing institute bvi, and certified according the us cpsc regulation 16 c.f.r. § 1700.20. When opened, all the components of the packaging stay connected (...

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Optimal Solutions for the Patient and Trial

Packaging Coordinators, Inc.

PCI offers a host of secondary packaging solutions to identify the most effective solution for the specific needs of the patient and trial. Our secondary packaging technologies include simple and complex kit assembly, cartoning, walleting and child resistant compliance packaging, overlabeling and expiry date ...

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