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SEDNAENG Co., Ltd. offers a comprehensive line of magnetic mixers for various applications including medicines, foods, biotechnology, and chemistry. The leading technologies of SEDNAENG Co., mechanical design and process control have made possible for mixers to improve hygiene, preformance, efficiency, and convenience in maintenance.

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  • 550, Geumi-Dong,, Siheung-City,, Gyeonggi-do,, 429100, Siheung-si, Korea, Korea, Republic of

Products from Sednaeng Co. Ltd (3)

  • Bearing

    Product Bearing

    Sednaeng Co. Ltd provides components like bearing. It consist of male & female bearings. The female bearing is installed inside of the impeller. The male bearing shown in the picture installed on the top of the welding plate. The female bearings inside of the impeller is mounted on the top of the male bear...
  • Impeller

    Product Impeller

    Sednaeng Co. Ltd provides impeller. The magnetic mixers are the most used ones for the pharmaceutical application in the world. Also, have an efficient mixing ability with a great cleaning performance. Contact us for more information.
  • Motor (Rotor)

    Product Motor (Rotor)

    Sednaeng Co. Ltd provides components like motor (rotor). It consists of connecting the siemens motor with the motovario gearbox, the magnet coupling with the rotor and the welding plate coupling with the motor housing. The rotor outside of the welding plate is aligned accurately with the magnet inside of t...