Sepifilm™ Lp

Product description

SEPIFILM™ LP is a range of ready-to-use film-coating products for moisture protection.
SEPIFILM™ LP comes in a granular form and can be used for the optimal protection of active ingredients that are sensitive to moisture and to improve the physical properties of the core (hardness, friability).

Due to its composition and its granular form, SEPIFILM™ LP has numerous benefits:
1. Process benefits - Easy to use
  • Rapid dispersion, without dust or lumps
  • Homogeneous dispersion, without generating foamNo extreme temperatures
  • Allows film-coating in aqueous or organic medium
2. Functional benefits - Protection and stability of the finished product
  • Protects active ingredients sensitive to moisture
  • Improves the stability of hygroscopic formulations
  • Allows the use of traditional packaging materials
  • Helps to improve the physical properties of the tablet (hardness, friability)
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Categories ExcipientsCoating Agents
Sales markets Western Europe; Middle East; Asia; North America; Central/South America
Supplied from France
Selling Points Quality Service

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