SG EZ-fill Platform

SG EZ-fill Platform
Product Description

Many Pharmaceutical companies are looking for ways to lower their footprint and reduce total costs by relying on experienced external partners for non-core activities. When it comes to containment solutions for biopharmaceutical products, no solution matches SG EZ-fill®, whose proven advantages have turned its processing technology into an industry standard.

  • Flexibility: a flexible approach that increases speed-to-market and accommodates small or large batch production.
  • Reduced TCO: it leverages the commonalities between different fill-finish processes allowing the adoption of multi-product lines.
  • Time to market: pharmaceutical and biotech can immediately fill our SG EZ-fill® pre-sterilized vials containment solution, as well as cartridges and syringes systems, consistently shortening time to market.
  • Quality: SG EZ-fill® ensures maximum integrity of the pre-sterilized containers during transportation and in buffering/in-feeding operations, while minimizing glass-to-glass contact.

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Stevanato Group SPA

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  • SG Alina - Pen Injector

    Product SG Alina - Pen Injector

    SG Alina is a user-friendly disposable pen injector based on proven technology. The variable-dose pen injector is under development at Stevanato Group in collaboration with Cambridge Design Partnership. It is based on Axis-D intellectual property exclusively licensed from pen injector device expert Haselmeier. The pen injector features an appealing and functional design, including an easy-to-dial mechanismoptimized injection force for patient comfort, and a user-friendly readable display.
  • Maverick Auto-injector

    Product Maverick Auto-injector

    Maverick is an innovative cartridge-based auto-injector with an intuitive two-step triggered automatic injection and needle retraction. Stevanato Group and Duoject Medical Systems are developing this reliable and user-friendly auto-injector for emergency use. The device features a user-friendly design and intuitive activation, while the needle is never exposed and automatically retracted after injection.
    Mechanical robustness is a key feature of Maverick, which integrates our highly resistant SG Nexa glass cartridge, making it suitable for emergency use where an effective and fast intramuscular injection is required.
  • SG EZ-be Pod  Wearable Device

    Product SG EZ-be Pod Wearable Device

    Our award-winning SG EZ-be Pod wearable device is part of an ongoing development program with the goal of introducing to the market an alternative to traditional pen injectors and existing wearable platforms. Its innovative, yet simple technology, maximizes patient's comfort providing an intuitive and quick administration of drug products. It is designed for diabetes care and a range of therapeutic areas such as pain management, hormone therapies, Alzheimer's treatment, and more.
  • Pen Injector Assembly Line

    Product Pen Injector Assembly Line

    Thanks to the modularity, we can provide tailor-made solutions designed to deliver high-quality standards even when scaling-up. Our Pen Injector Assembly Line is an example of a flexible mid-high speed pen injector line assembling different formats and integrating extensive in-process controls.
  • SG Nexa 3x Cartridges

    Product SG Nexa 3x Cartridges

    Stevanato Group has launched SG Nexa 3x Cartridges, a full range of products that offer up to 3 times the mechanical resistance when compared to a standard glass container. Thanks to an external anti-friction and anti-scratches silicone coating, SG Nexa 3x better withstands the stresses of fill/finish processes too. One of its benefits is the same original geometry that ensure compatibility with current pen devices
    Preferred market choice:
    • Emergency drugs
    • Biologics
  • SG EZ-fill ISS - Integrated Safety System

    Product SG EZ-fill ISS - Integrated Safety System

    The continuing desire to reduce needlestick injuries led us to develop the SG EZ-fill Integrated Safety System. This groundbreaking, fully passive needle shield comes ready to fill and requires no additional assembly steps. SG ISS is both easy to use and intuitive to handle. Activating the automatic shield retraction requires less force compared to existing systems. 
    As a fully passive system, it also prevents the end-user from any risk of piercing after the removal of the rubber needle shield, making it safe and easy to use.
  • SG EZ-fill ITC - Integrated Tip Cap

    Product SG EZ-fill ITC - Integrated Tip Cap

    The Integrated Tip Cap has been developed to be the ideal match for SG EZ-fill® luer lock cone syringes with its twist-off closure system. The Integrated Tip Cap comprises of a rubber component inserted in a rigid plastic cap, screwed onto a luer lock adaptor and then pre-assembled on the SG EZ-fill syringe.
    SG EZ-fill ITC is supplied with a rigid cap in a standard translucent plastic color. Other colors are available upon customer request.

  • Vision Robot Unit (VRU)

    Product Vision Robot Unit (VRU)

    We present a modular, robotic, proof-of-concept system for inspecting parenterals. By employing artificial intelligence principles and applying the technology to the inspection task, we engineered the Vision Robot Unit (VRU).
    The VRU is a reliable, autonomous island machine, capable of fully automated inspection (cosmetic and particles) without human intervention.
    Ultimately the VRU’s Artificial Intelligence allows the system to become:
    • Reactive: Inspection reacts to changing product characteristics during each batch run
    • Adaptive: Continuous learning from production and operators; re-training of new defects; false-reject reduction by re-training of false positive
  • Analytical  and Testing Services

    Product Analytical and Testing Services

    Our analytical testing facilities focus on investigating physico-chemical properties of primary packaging materials and components and studying the interactions between container closure system and drugs
    • Our Italy based laboratory, SG Lab Analytics, works in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025: 2018 and is accredited by Accredia (Italian accreditation body) for two tests performed on glass containers and tubing-glass barrels for injectable preparation and sterilized sub-assembled syringes ready for filling.
    • Inaugurated in Boston, Massachusetts, the US Technology Excellence Center (US TEC) will provide bio-pharma companies with integrated analytical services and effective project management to support their drug development activities, from early phase to commercialization and life-cycle management. We will also help customers navigate regulatory body requirements and overcome container-closure systems hurdles.
  • SG Alba

    Product SG Alba

    SG Alba is a turning point in the development of parenteral primary packaging, representing the best-in-class solution for biologics. The reduced variability of materials in contact with the drug throughout its lifecycle makes our SG Alba platform the perfect solution for de-risking the development process, saving costs and securing a fast introduction to market. The drastic reduction of silicone oil particles and the extremely low-propensity to delaminate addresses some of the key requirements of protein-based drugs.

    • Limited underdosing concerns
    • Mitigated protein aggregation
    • Stabilized silicone layer
    • Minimized Tungsten
    • Mitigated delamination risk
    • Minimized Extactables
  • ICOcap - Inhaler

    Product ICOcap - Inhaler

    ICOcap is Stevanato's portfolio inhaler offered to the market. It is a device solution for pharmaceutical companies who are focusing on therapeutical disease treatments as asthma and COPD. ICOcap is a capsule-based Dry Powder Inhaler for asthma and COPD treatment. 
    It is designed to perform as good as established inhalers on the market, offering improved handling features.

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  • Brochure SG Nexa 3x Cartridges: Three times the mechanical resistance of a standard glass cartridge

    Stevanato Group has launched SG Nexa 3x Cartridges, a full range of products that offer up to 3 times the mechanical resistance when compared to a standard glass container.
    Thanks to an external anti-friction and anti-scratches silicone coating, SG Nexa 3x better withstands the stresses of fill/finish processes too.
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    Lars Keinicke Hansen, Chiara Mussoi, and Odra Pinato, all of Stevanato Group, describe how the streamlining of processes and harmonisation of products and services can better serve pharmaceutical companies. A case study highlights how a unique combination of expertise in automation and glass primary packaging benefited pharma giant Merck Serono in a recent project.
  • News Streamlining biologics and biosimilars drug development process through a single source

    The increasing number of complex and sensitive biologics and the administration shift from hospitals to patients' homes are two of today’s main biopharmaceutical industry challenges. Complex drugs and self-administration require an appropriate primary packaging selection from the beginning of the bio drug development process. In this article, you will learn how Stevanato Group can support biopharma companies in the container closure system choice leveraging its 70-year expertise in glass primary packaging, up to the integration into drug delivery systems, backed up by solid characterization analysis.

    Stevanato Group

  • Video Modular and flexible Assembly Equipment

    Assembly Equipment combining transport platforms and process modules: an offer of manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic assembly lines customized to your device program.
  • News Stevanato Group signs agreement with Gerresheimer to provide integrated twist-off closure system solution, ITC, for Gx RTF syringes

    SG ITC (Integrated Tip Cap), the twist-off closure of Stevanato Group, is an established and especially user-friendly system solution for Luer Lock syringes, which will now be included in Gerresheimer program.
  • Video Pen Injector Assembly Line

    A flexible mid-high speed pen injector line assembling different formats and integrating extensive in-process controls.
  • News Stevanato Group and Bexson Biomedical announce collaboration to develop a customized wearable ketamine delivery device

    Patients suffering from chronic and acute pain disorders will benefit from a convenient, discreet, and easy-to-use device delivering a novel alternative to opioid-based pain management.
  • Video Trends in Auto-Injectors

    This recent webinar sponsored by Stevanato Group focuses on early considerations for emergency use auto-injector development and manufacturing.

    Presenting a case study on Stevanato’s Maverick, Adam Stops, Drug Delivery Systems Product Manager at Stevanato Group explained that the emergency use auto-injector is the result of a successful partnership with Duoject Medical Systems.

    “We have partnered with Duoject to provide a market-leading device for our customers in the emergency use space. Along with Novocol, Duoject’s parent company, if requested, we can provide end-to-end services: the device, device manufacturing, fill/finish, and final device assembly. This is truly an end-to-end solution,” he said.

    Watch the webinar to hear more from Adam and other experts from Duoject Medical Systems and IQVIA.
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    The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a spotlight on the readiness and requirements of pharma packaging companies to support the distribution and delivery of a potential vaccine and selecting the most suitable primary packaging options for drug products is one of the most crucial considerations in the drug development process, according to industry experts speaking in this CPhI China Virtual Expo Connect Webinar, sponsored by Stevanato Group. Daniel Martinez, Product Manager, Stevanato Group pointed out that speed to market is a primary consideration for vaccine developers, particularly in the current pandemic environment, and keeping the same type of container is essential to reaching this target. “The advantage of using a vial is that it is a pretty versatile container – it’s good for liquids, it’s good for lyophilized products, powders and cryogenic,” he told the audience, noting that some of the COVID-19 vaccines being developed need to be stored at -70 degrees. Watch the webinar to hear more from Daniel and experts from NRL Enterprise Solutions & IQVIA.
  • Video Maverick: Innovative cartridge-based auto-injector for emergency use

    Stevanato Group and Duoject Medical Systems are developing a reliable and user-friendly auto-injector for emergency use, suitable for an effective and fast intramuscular injection.
    The device features an intuitive activation, while the needle is never exposed and automatically retracted after injection.

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