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SGH Healthcaring is a plastic injection specialist with over 30 years of expertise in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Composed of Stiplastics, Rovipharm and Eskiss, it designs and manufactures efficient, innovative solutions in 4 main areas: drug administration of liquid and solid forms, (dosing syringes, monodose, measuring cups and spoons, droppers, pill dispensers), respiratory conditions, diagnostics and pre-analytics and E Health.

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Products from SGH Healthcaring (3)

  • Oral dosing syringes

    Product Oral dosing syringes

    For the dosing and administration of liquid medicines: paediatric medicines, suspensions, drinkable solutions, etc. • Im class medical devices • Three ranges, 18 models • Dosing from 0.3 ml to 10 ml
  • IML measuring cups

    Product IML measuring cups

    For the dosing of liquid and dry medicines with:  • Accurate dosing: high contrast for ease of reading • Full, long-lasting customisation: indelible marking, four-colour printing available, multiple options (metallic effect, UV or O2 barrier, hologram to prevent counterfeiting, etc.) and motifs av...
  • IQ-Dose

    Product IQ-Dose

    Easy to use, the innovative IQ-Dose solution is used to administer mini-tablets at without touching them. This new drug delivery format is ideal for adjusting the dose to the patient’s need thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients. IQ-Dose is the perfect solution for clinical trials phases, paed...