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Jinbo is a technological and scientific innovation enterprise. Our study fieldsmainly involve structural biology, protein application engineering technology,fermentation engineering technology. Based on these technologies,we conduct production and promotion of biological materials,medical terminal products and functional skin care products. Our primary business is studying, producing and sellin


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Products from Shanxi JInbo Bio-Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. (3)

  • 164.88° Recombinant type Ⅲ humanized collagen lyophilized powder

    Product 164.88° Recombinant type Ⅲ humanized collagen lyophilized powder

    Collagen is the most abundant functional protein in mammals, which exists in various tissues and organs, especially in connective tissue, ligament, achilles tendon, skin, cartilage, blood vessels and so on. According to the sequence of discovery and amino acid sequence of collagen, collagen family can b...
  • Anti-HPV biologic protein dressing

    Product Anti-HPV biologic protein dressing

    Anti-HPV biologic protein dressing by Jinbo Company is the world's first viral entry inhibitor applied in the field of HPV physical mechanism, targeted binding to HPV virus, block HPV infection. Its principal component is acid anhydrated bovine beta lactoglobulin. It can 100% control the infection of vario...
  • LANMI Recombinant humanized collagen vaginal dressing

    Product LANMI Recombinant humanized collagen vaginal dressing

    The triple helix structure of collagen in this product can be in the shape of collagen broken in the skin wound superhelix structure, play the role of repair damage; The network adhesion formed by the triple helix structure provides supporting materials for the orderly growth of skin cells. Sodium hyaluron...