Shin Poong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

About Shin Poong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Shin Poong Pharm. Co., Ltd is a R&D oriented multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, with 7 manufacturing site worldwide with global partners in over 59 countries.

Main Focusing Area

  • Cardiovascular
  • CNS
  • Surgical Woundcare
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Anti-infective

Product List
R&D Pipeline
Medicurtain Inj.: Surgical adhesion barrier (Medical device with novel mode of action)
Pyramax Tab.: FDC/Malaria (NCE)
Pyramax Granule: FDC/Pediatric malaria (NCE)
CandeAmlo Tab.: FDC/hypertension (IMD)
EzeRosu Tab.: FDC/hyperlipidemia (IMD)

[Phase III-IV]
Pyramax Tab.: FDC/Malaria (NCE)
Pyramax Granule: FDC/Pediatric malaria (NCE)

[Phase II]
SP-8203: Acute ischemic stroke (NCE)

[Phase I]...

  • KR
  • 2016
    On CPHI since
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Distributor/Import Export
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Messe Frankfurt, Germany
1-3 November 2022

Products from Shin Poong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (5)

  • CandeAmlo Tab.

    Product CandeAmlo Tab.

    • Composition: Candersartan cilexetil / Amlodipine besylate      (8/5mg, 16/5mg, 16/10mg)  • Indication: Essential hypertension that is not controlled by monotherapy of candesartan and amlodipine • Dosage and administration: qd, 1 tablet at once • Remark: Proven superior...
  • Hyal Forte

    Product Hyal Forte

    • HA Viscosupplement Inj. • Composition: Sodium hyaluronate 20mg /2mL      • Indication: Osteoarthritis of knee and periarthritis of shoulder • Dosage and administration: Once a week, 3 weeks continuously in knee and shoulder joint • Remark: Leading product in Korea. (See the brochure ...
  • Medicurtain

    Product Medicurtain

    • Surgical adhesion barrier • Composition: Sodium hyaluronate 10mg/1mL, HES 5mg/1mL • Indication: To  prevent or reduce post surgical adhesion formation after hysteroscopic (gynecology), abdominal, spinal, thyroid and nasal/sinus surgeries. • Dosage and administration: Refer to the brochure for ...
  • Antibiotic injections

    Product Antibiotic injections

    Penicillin antibiotics
    • Lynbactam Inj. (Piperacillin sodium 2/4g, Tazobactam 0.25/0.5g) • Bactacin Inj. (Amicillin sodium 500/1000mg, Sulbactam sodium 250/500mg) • Clamoxin Inj. (Amoxicillin sodium 500mg/1g, Potassium clavulanate 100/200mg)
    Cephalosporin antibiotics • Ceftezole...
  • Bretra Tab.

    Product Bretra Tab.

    - Composition: letrozole 2.5mg

    - Indication: treatment for breast cancer

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