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Sichuan Yuanda Shuyang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (Shuyang) was founded in 1985 and now is a subsidiary of China Grand Enterprises, Inc.  The total asset of Shuyang is more than 1.5 billion Yuan, with 1.5 billion Yuan of annual sales revenue in 2018.  The company has 17 subsidiary plasmapheresis centers.  The products are selling all over the country and already entering into international market for 15 years. Shuyang is a leading company for exportation of blood products in China. 

Shuyang was among the first batch of blood products manufacturers which passed both GMP and ISO 9001 quality certification in China, and was also the first one who simultaneously passed verification of Quality (ISO9001), Environment (ISO14001) and Occupational Health systems (OHSAS18001) in China.  Shuyang has gotten GMP approval by international inspections from Russia and Turkey etc, and many products have registered in Europe, Asia and South American countries. 

Shuyang's main products include:  Human Albumin, Human Immunoglobul...

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Products from Sichuan Yuanda Shuyang Pharmaceut.

  • Human Albumin

    Product Human Albumin

    The main component of this preparation is human albumin, which is prepared by cold ethanol fractionation of human plasma from healthy donors. The manufacturing process of human albumin contains a step of heating the final solution at 60℃ for 10 hours to inactivate the viruses present in it. It contains a suitable amount of sodium caprylate as stabilizer, but does not contain any antiseptic or antibiotic.
    Indications: -Shock caused by blood loss, trauma and burn.
    -Increased intracranial pressure caused by cerebral edema and injury.
    -Edema or ascites caused by hepatic cirrhosis and nephrosis.
    -Prevention and treatment of hypoproteinemia.
    -Hyperbilirubinemia in new born babies.
    -Supplementary treatment of cardiopulmonary shunt, fire burn and hemodialysis; treatment of adult respiratory distress syndrome.Strength: 20g/vial (100ml),12.5g/vial (62.5ml),10g/vial (50ml),5g/vial (25ml),2g/vial (10ml)
  • Human Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin

    Product Human Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin

    The manufacturing process for human hepatitis B immunoglobulin contains a step of low pH incubation for viral inactivation. It contains a suitable amount of glycine as stabilizer, but does not contain any antiseptic or antibiotic.

    -Post-exposure prophylaxis should be considered following percutaneous or permucosal exposure to HBsAg-positive or suspected HBsAg-positive material, for example, by needle, oral ingestion or sexual exposure.
    -For prophylaxis in infants born to HBsAg-positive mothers. Mainly designated for prophylaxis of hepatitis B and suitable for use in Liver transplantation
    Strength: 400IU/vial (4ml) ,200IU/vial (2ml),100 IU/vial(1ml) -Post-exposure prophylaxis in persons who did not receive prior vaccinations, or whose prior vaccination regimen is incomplete, or when hepatitis B antibody levels are inadequate (<10 IU/L).

  • Human Hepstitis B Immunoglobulin (Ph4) For Intrevenous Injection

    Product Human Hepstitis B Immunoglobulin (Ph4) For Intrevenous Injection

    Major constituent: Human hepatitis B immunoglobulin; Subsidiary material: Maltose

    Indications:Use of the product in combination with lamivudine can prevent patients with HBV (hepatitis B virus)-related diseases from being re-infected with HBV after liver transplantation.

    Strengths:2000 IU (50 IU/ml, 40 ml)