6 Sep 2019

Silgan Dispensing Healthcare Product Portfolio

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Silgan Dispensing's Product Catalog for its Healthcare solutions

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Silgan Dispensing Systems

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  • News Silgan Dispensing’s Iridya™ Addresses Unmet Patient Needs in Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Market

    Silgan Dispensing, a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of highly engineered pumps and sprayers in the pharmaceutical markets introduces its ophthalmic dispensing solution, Iridya™, a next-generation, preservative-free multi-dose, eye dropper. Iridya™ improves on existing technology by combining advanced ergonomics and precise dispensing to ensure proper dosage.
  • Brochure Silgan Dispensing Systems Hemer Center of Excellence

    Please watch this video that highlights Silgan Dispensing's Manufacturing Plant in Hemer, Germany.
  • Whitepaper Editorial in OndrugDevelopment in the Ophthalmic Issue January 2019

    An ageing population, high computer and mobile device use and increasing pollution and allergies are all contributing to a greater global demand for eyedrops. At the same time, the move towards preservative-free formulations is driving the development of novel ophthalmic devices. Thomas Grinnan, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Healthcare, and Ralf Hergenröther, Product Line Manager, Healthcare Solutions, both of Silgan Dispensing Systems, explain how extensive market research and consumer testing led to the development of an eyedropper that meets patients’ and physicians’ needs for an easy-to-use device, which offers precise dosing andanti-microbial integrity.
  • Video Silgan Dispensing Systems at CPHI Worldwide 2018

    Thomas Grinnan, Vice President Sales and Marketing Healthcare of Silgan Dispensing Systems, speaks with CPHI TV at CPHI Worldwide in Madrid.