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5 Aug 2013

Sitagliptin may be superior to sulfonylurea in diabetes

Sulfonylurea derivatives are commonly used to treat patients with the blood-sugar disorder type 2 diabetes, but new research indicates that sitagliptin could be a superior medicine in those with mild renal impairment.

Researchers analysed data from three randomised, double-blind clinical trials involving over 1000 patients who were assigned either JANUVIA (sitagliptin) 100 mg once-daily or titrated doses of sulfonylurea.

They found that the blood sugar reductions in those administered the potential new drug were similar to improvements witnessed in those who took the verified antidiabetic drug.

Just 6.8% of participants administered JANUVIA experienced symptomatic hypoglycemia — low blood sugar — compared with 26.2% of their counterparts.

Patients in this group also benefited from an average weight loss of two pounds, whereas those taking sulfonylurea typically gained three pounds.

A high body-mass index (BMI) score can lead to diabetes and worsen symptoms, so the benefits of weight loss in this group could be significant in improving quality of life.

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