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How long do I have access to my Company Profile?+
I have a Basic Profile - What does this mean?+
What if I don't remember my login or password?+
How can I get a Silver, Gold or Platinum Profile?+
How long is the Silver, Gold or Platinum Profile valid for?+
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What is CPhI Verified? +
Who is SGS? +
How can I get CPhI Verified? +
What are the benefits of being a CPhI Verified customer with CPhI? +
Which areas of my company will be checked? +
What is a supplier pre-qualification process? +
How is my data stored? +
How long does the verification process take? +
What happens to my verification when my subscription ends? +
How long is the verification valid for? +
Can I cancel my subscription?+
What do I receive when I’m verified? +
How can I leverage my CPhI Verification at live events? +
Can I purchase CPhI Verified without a subscription?+
My company already has an industry verification certificate, why do I still need CPhI Verified? +
How does a Platinum Company Profile look after getting CPhI Verified? +