SLIM - Stability Laboratory Database Manager

Product description

SLIM was developed and validated to provide total management of your drug products placed on stability. SLIM has the rich feature set required to meet the challenges today’s Lab Supervisors and Stability Managers face on a daily basis. SLIM’s fast, intuitive user interface and exceptional reliability provides simple, seamless operation, allowing it to manage your company’s drug stability program with optimal efficiency.
SLIM includes SLIMStat for statistical shelf life analysis and SLIM Report Generator (SRG), which simplifies presentation of final data for regulatory submission. SLIM’s off-the-shelf scalability allows it to remain affordable for businesses of all sizes, with installation, validation, training, and support provided by H&A Scientific. SLIMStat can also be purchased as a stand-alone application. All of our products are 21 CFR Part 11 complaint and fully validated per FDA and GAMP5 guidelines.
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