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Volcke Aerosol Italy (Solchim S.r.l.) is the pharma & health care division of the Volcke Aerosol Connection, with over 50 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of sprays and aerosols.

Our offer includes pharmaceutical and cosmetics production in liquid and semi-liquid forms, in standard aerosols or pump sprays. As CMO we collaborate with suppliers, universities and consultants and provide a flexible system to offer the production of smaller batches as well as large-scale runs, of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Solchim S.r.l.  has the following certifications: ISO 13485, ISO 22716 and GMP.

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Products from Solchim S.r.l. (15)

  • Freeze Spray CE

    Product Freeze Spray CE

    Freeze Spray – fast-acting pain relief for strains, sprains, muscles and joints. Like ice it delivers instant cooling relief. Recommended for sports to help to reduce swelling and pain. Medical device class 2.

  • Plaster Spray CE

    Product Plaster Spray CE

    Plaster Spray – provides instant and transparent wound protection. The sprayed-on film is flexible, waterproof and provides multi-day protection.
    For small wounds, minor cuts & grazes, not for heavily bleeding cuts.

  • Hydrocolloidal Wound Treatment Gel CE

    Product Hydrocolloidal Wound Treatment Gel CE

    Hydrocolloid gel accelerating natural wound healing. To be used for treating minor wounds such as minor burns (red skin and/or blisters), abrasions and superficial ulcerations. Significantly accelerates natural wound healing. Decreases the risk of infections and complications. Controls right moisture balance ...
  • Arnica Crackling Foam

    Product Arnica Crackling Foam

    Cooling crackling foam with arnica and cooling menthol. Relieving and refreshing sensation on the skin, soothes tired muscles.

  • Urea Foam 10%

    Product Urea Foam 10%

    Moisturizing foot foam - for daily care of very dry skin. Shea Butter & Avocado Oil provide intensive moisture. Foot foam with 10% urea is suitable for the daily care of very dry skin. Shea butter and avocado oil keep the skin smooth and supple, while providing intensive moisture where needed. Free of an...
  • Muscle Spray

    Product Muscle Spray

    Muscle Spray or After Sport Spray contains natural ingredients ideal to give relief after sports activity. The blend of essential oils (menthol, rosemary, pine needle, bitter orange leaf) contained refreshes the skin and supports the superficial skin micro- circulation.
  • Foot Powder Spray

    Product Foot Powder Spray

    Cosmetic Product. Prevents bad odours & protects feet from redness and warming up caused by wear of shoes and walking.With menthol & tapioca starch. Dermatologically tested – hypoallergenic.
  • Hand Sanitising Spray

    Product Hand Sanitising Spray

    An effective and quick solution to clean your hands, leaving your skin soft and fresh. Ideal in all situations such as travel, work, school and outdoor activities. No rinse required, leaves no traces and dries in a few seconds. Thanks to the content of vegetable glycerine, this spray helps to maintain the ...
  • After Sun Crackling Foam

    Product After Sun Crackling Foam

    Cosmetic Product. After Sun Foam for the skin, with calming aloe barbadensis, soothing licorice and horse chestnut seed extract.
  • Anti-Lice Foam CE

    Product Anti-Lice Foam CE

    Foam for eliminating head lice and nits
  • Dry Shampoo

    Product Dry Shampoo

    Cosmetic Product. Refresh your hair between washes. Simply apply to the roots, massage in and style.Also available in coloured versions (blonde and brown). Leaves a slight nuance of colour.
  • Insect Repellent

    Product Insect Repellent

    IR3535 based mosquito and tick repellent. Biocide. Protects against mosquitos and ticks.

Solchim S.r.l. Resources (3)

  • News New Medical Device 2020: Hydrocolloid Wound Care Gel

    Our new medical device spray significantly accelerates natural wound healing and decreases the risk of infections and complications. It controls right moisture balance of the wound environment, provides painless dressing change and ecreases scar and scab formation.
  • Brochure Volcke Aerosol Connection: Pharma 2020

    Our contract manufacturing process will soon include GMP pharma, offering the production of pharmaceutical aerosol products, next to medical devices, for which we are ISO13485:2016 certified today.
    We will provide manufacturing and packaging, according to your marketing authorization. Moreover, we are investing to also provide manufacturing of clinical batches and scale-up.
    Additionally, we will provide regulatory support and quality control, according to GMP pharma.

  • Video Please visit our new pharmaceutical manufacturing unit in Solchim S.r.l., Fiesco/Italy

    Solchim S.r.l., part of the Volcke Aerosol Connection, is entering the pharma market in 2021, as CMO, for the production of sprays and aerosols.