SOLUTIONS - Transdermal patches

Product description

Transdermal drug delivery is a convenient method of administering drugs that diffuse through the skin. Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers (EVA) can play multiple roles in the design and construction of a transdermal patch or film, and have a long history of use in approved and marketed products. EVA can be effectively used in the backing, drug matrix, and rate-limiting membrane layers of a transdermal patch. The drug-loaded matrix commonly consists of active pharmaceutical ingredient and additional penetration enhancers dissolved or dispersed in EVA. These systems are frequently put together using solvent-based processes, so working with high vinyl acetate copolymers that readily dissolve in selected organic solvents is important when developing a scalable product.
Celanese has a broad range of Ateva® EVA G-CP and VitalDose® EVA products suitable for transdermal drug delivery and provides a full regulatory support to customers for regulatory approval process.

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