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  • Product Excipients for Oral Health products

    CARBOWAX SENTRY Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs) are widely used oral care products because of their mildness and solubility in water. They are effective in a wide range of toothpaste formulations, including those for anti-cavity, whitening and sensitivity. And they are used in oral gels to deliver target...
  • Product Excipients for Topical Formulations

    Learn how you can maximize your topical drug formulations using CARBOWAX SENTRY Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs). Contact us to learn about our excipients in the pipeline.
  • Product Excipients

    Actylis, through its recent acquisitions, has become a leading global GMP excipients manufacturer to the life sciences industry, offering our customers a broad portfolio of excipients. Our excipients are currently employed in vaccines, injectables, dermal, transdermal, topical and solid dosage finishe...
  • Product Excipients for Consumer Health

    Croda Pharma's Consumer Health offering combines our technical expertise with regulatory knowledge to help our customers market innovative products with consumer relevant claims, alongside supporting formulation development challenges within the Consumer Health market.
    Our excipient solutions support ...
  • Product Ethyl L-Lactate

    Ethyl L-Lactate


    HS code:2918110000

    UN 1192  Class:3   PG:III

    Biobased Eco-Friendly solvent and synthesis intermediate for pharmaceutical and ag...
  • Product PUROSOLV (Isopropyl Alcohol, Di Chloro Methane, Methanol, Acetone), Nitric Acid, DIPE

    PUROSOLV is a one stop for certified Pharmacopeia solvents and under this umbrella brand we have expanded our solvent offering from IPA to Methanol, Acetone and MDC and will shortly be launching more certified solvents. 
  • Product Cyclohexane

    It is used extensively as a solvent for lacquers andresins, as a paint and varnish remover, andin the manufacture of adipic acid, benzene,cyclohexanol, and cyclohexanone.
  • Product Polyglykol

    Effective and high-purity ingredients including a complete range of  Polyglykols (Macrogols) our universally applicable pharmaceutical polymers, with various molecular weights, supported by CEP certification and DMF type II documentation.
  • Product Acetone

    Acetone is widely used as a pharmaceutical excipient in various formulations as a solubilizing agent and solvent. It can be utilized in formulation development of Solid orals (including Microspheres, Microcapsules, Spray drying) and other NDDS formulations. 

    Specification: USP-NF, Ph.Eur, BP...

    odium croscarmellose is an internally cross-linked sodium carboxymethylcellulose for use as a superdisintegrant in pharmaceutical formulations.
  • Product Primojel®

    Primojel® sodium starch glycolate is a superdisintegrant suitable for various tablet and capsule formulations. In higher concentrations, Primojel® can act as a dissolution enhancing agent. Primojel® is highly effective when used intragranular and/or extragranular in dry/wet granulation processes.
  • Product Macrogol 3350 / Hedjuvan-MG3350

    Hedjuvan-MG3350 is a high quality Macrogol 3350 tested according to PH. Eur. including additional microbiological testing of TAMC/TYMC and Bacterial Endotoxins. The product is avilable in 25kg bags and BigBag on request.
  • Product DIPHENYL OXIDE - Pioneer In India

  • Product Tris (Hydroxymethyl) Aminomethane (USP, BP, Ph. Eur.) low in endotoxins pure, pharma grade CODE Z41940
  • Product Ethyl Alcohol - PharmEthyl®

    • THE  SOLUTION FOR THE MOST STRINGENT PHARMACEUTICAL REQUIREMENTS PharmEthyl® is the benchmark for applications using alcohol as a starting material.
    The production is managed in distilleries that have been GMP certified by the French Medicine Agency (ANSM) and awarded ISO-9001, ISO-14...
  • Product Acetonitrile

    Acetonitrile is used to make pharmaceuticals, perfumes, rubber products, pesticides, acrylic 
  • Product Acetonitrile(HPLC grade)

    4L/bottle,2.5L/bottle,1L/bottle.1000bottles in stock.
  • Product Ethyl Oleate

    Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid.
    Almost insoluble in water, miscible with ethanol, dichloride methane or petroleum ether. It can be miscible with isopropanol in any proportion. Application: 
    Used as a solvent, a transdermal absorption enhancer, a lubricant and a pl...
  • Product 1,4-Dioxane

    dioxane is mainly used in Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, spice and other chemical manufacturing area, are for solvent, reaction medium and extractant
  • Product Walk in Cooling Cabinet.

    The Walk-In Cooling Cabinets / cold rooms are designed according to ICH guidelines, WHO, MCA and USFDA requirements to maintain uniform conditions. They are superior in airflow distribution, temperature control technology, cabinet construction and are manufactured as per cGMP regulations.
    Biggest Walk...

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