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Sravathi Advance Process Technologies Private Limited (at Bangalore, India). We develop novel methods of manufacturing of API / intermediates /chemicals that leverage the advances in process intensification. Our Differentiated Process Technologies (DPT) are based on the principles of Flow Chemistry and AI/ML-driven process Intensification helps you in uninterrupted manufacturing.  We als...

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Pharmaceutical company
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Animal Health
API Producer
Chemical Development
Cosmetic Ingredients
Fine Chemicals Company
Intermediates Manufacturer
Pharmaceutical Company (generic finished products)
Pharmaceutical Company (innovator finished products)
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Products from Sravathi Advance Process Technologies (2)

  • Flow Process Technology

    Product Flow Process Technology

    Process Intensification Capabilities
    • One stop-shop for flow chemistry solutions 
    • Process Controls
    • In-house Scale-up / Demo units 
  • Sravathi AI Drug Discovery Platform

    Product Sravathi AI Drug Discovery Platform

    Drug Discovery
    • New Target identification • New Molecule Generation
    • Lead Discovery and Optimisation 
    • Off -Target information 
    • Property predictions 

    Chemistry AI

    • Route of Synthesis 
    • Impurity Prediction 
    • Toxicity predi...