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18 May 2021

State-of-the-art Chicago-based clinical site

Closer look at the Chicago clinical site

This article will briefly discuss the many benefits of conducting a multi-centre human clinical trial, while also touching on the industry leading capabilities and processes of Atlantia Clinical Trials.

The benefits of conducting a multi-centre trial with one CRO are many fold, and a valuable asset for any company investing in research of its product(s) or ingredient(s). Set up costs are lower as there is continuity of management across the team ,with streamlined data collection and a more cohesive statistical approach are to name but a few. This is why Atlantia is an industry leader, offering a full service across your studies from design through to clinical report, and now across multiple geographical locations, ensuring the generalisability of results.

The new 7000sq ft site in 142. E. Ontario Suite 1200, Downtown Chicago includes:
15 Clinic rooms
Central phlebotomy lab
Locked -80° Celsius storage
Locked refrigerated/ambient storage
Sample preparation lab Speaking on the move from a smaller clinical site in Chicago, Andrea Doolan, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Atlantia Clinical Trials, stated that Atlantia Food Clinical Trials has already grown too big for the Chicago office it opened almost two years ago. She also stated  "the demand for our services has exceeded expectations and we simply need much more room to accommodate our operations".Barry Skillingtion, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder at Atlantia Clinical Trials, outlines "we can offer multi-centre and multinational trials within our own organisation, which reduces the noise in the dataset".

Ultrasonic Vascular Imaging (Flow Mediated Dilation)Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)
12 lead ECG
Video Capsule Endoscopy (cameras/receivers software)
Imaging (DXA, ultrasound, MRI)
Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
Biopsies (adipose, muscle)
Whole gut transit
Biodex strength measurements
Cosmed (VO2 max, RER)
To take a full tour of the Chicago Clinical site, click on the attached URL.

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