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Steroglass operates on a global level and is headquartered in San Martino in Campo (Perugia), Italy.We design and manufacture scientific instruments which are used throughout the world in the food, environmental industry as well as industrial chemistry, diagnostics and biotechnologies.Steroglass is a leading company in the oenological-food sector providing timely technical service always meeting customers needs by offering the best possible customised solutions.

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    Complete jacketed glass reactors for pharmaceutical use on our unique free standing movable frame.
    Industrial design, high performing industrial stirring system and connections.

    Main features:
    - Gmp compliant;
    - Total safety: no residues or stagnant liquids;
    - For pharmaceutical use, FDA compliant (PTFE and borosilicate glass in contact with products);
    - Multi-purpose;
    - Complete glass piping;
    - Compact design;
    - It can be placed under walk-in hoods (up to 20L version)
    - Atex certification available on request.

    Design Temperature : -40 °C / 180 °C
    T D : 80 °C
    Design Pressure : -1mbar / 0,49 bar
    Max vacuum: 5mbar

    -DN400 Jacketed vessel;
    50L nominal capacity;
    -DN400 Glass lid 7 necks:
    a) DN50 Central for stirring;
    b) DN80 with closure for solid loading;
    c) DN25 for liquid inlet;
    d) DN50 for vapour line;
    e) DN40 closed and free (on request);
    f) DN40 closed and free (on request);
    g) DN40 closed and free (on request);

    -AISI304 Stirring shaft, PTFE-coated;
    -PTFE Stirring anchor blade;
    -PTFE/glass mechanical seal ATSA50/26;
    -25mm discharge bottom valve, Gmp compliant.

    ELECTRICAL MOTOR 0,37Kw included
    COMPRESSED AIR MOTOR air worn out 260l/min at 6 bar

    -Total safety
    -Gmp/Pharma compliant;
    -The valve completely drains leaving any stagnating liquid;
    -Compact design;
    -Constant valve closure pressure during temperature changes;
    -Compensation of thermal expansion;
    -Design helps preventing shutter head over-tightening.

    -Product temperature can also be controlled with very low liquid levels;
    -The probe is placed inside drain valve freeing up a nozzle;
    -Quicker temperature reading when compared to sensor placed on lid;
    -No risk of glass sensor breakages due to accidental impacts with solid suspensions;
    -Pneumatic valve on request.

    Reactor dimensions: mm1000x800x2400H
    Box dimensions (fumigated wooden box) mm1500x1400x2000H


    -Gmp certification for bottom valve;
    -Machinery Directive
    -User Manual
  • Lab reactor

    Product Lab reactor

    The Steroglass lab reactor comes from an innovative reaction concept made with the same materials used in the chemical process. Ideal for scale down and scale up processes, it guarantees a quick return on investment for your research projects.The Steroglass Lab reactor has a stainless steel support structure that allows you to support reactors from 300ml to 7 liters in order to manage different reaction volumes in a single structure.The reactor and the lid are entirely in 3.3 borosilicate glass, the gasket between the reactor and the lid is made in PTFE as well as the bottom valve shutter, the stirring shaft and the stirring seal.The lid is equipped with 6 connections to allow maximum work flexibility.STANDARD FEATURES AND PERFORMANCES
    - Interchangeable reaction vessel from 300ml to 7 lt with DN100 lid
    - Interchangeable reaction vessel from 2 lt to 7 lt with DN150 lid
    - Working temperature: -55°C... 180°C
    - Torion valve 14- Working volume: 150ml... 7lt
    - 304 Stainless steel structure
    - Each version can be placed under hood
    - Small footprint: 
    ~450x350xH1065 mm
    1) Vacuum distillation with reflux head
    2) Enzyme digester/reactor at constant pH
    3) Lab reactor and filter reactor for crystallization studies
    4) Reactor/mixer for formulations and emulsion studies

    Crystallization studies, Photochemistry, Hydrolysis, Precipitation, Reactor, Mixer Reactions at constant pH, Catalytic reactions, Enzymatic reactions, Reactions under reflux, Solvent recovery Synthesis with filtration, Nanoparticle synthesis, Chemical synthesis, Biogas from biomass, Bio-reactions, Carboxylation, Dissolutions/formulations, Fractional distillations, Distillations, Dean Stark Distillations, Vacuum distillations, Emulsions, Esterifications, Vacuum evaporations
  • Strike 20 rotary evaporator

    Product Strike 20 rotary evaporator

    20 Lt rotary evaporators designed for industrial systems and R&D purposes.Completely safe instruments as well as performance optimization. STRIKE 20 is a 20lt rotary evaporator designed for industrial systems and R&D purposes. It meets all the process needs using 3.3 borosilicate glass and PTFE allowing aggressive substances treatment. It works efficiently both under vacuum and any ambient conditions. The rotation of the 6, 10 or 20 lt evaporation flasks inside the heating bath results in a forced convection and homogenous distribution of the product, preventing sedimentation while ensuring high evaporation exchange surface. The sealing system guarantees perfect vacuum tightness and no maintenance.Glassware can be tailored to meet Client's specific needs.TOTAL SAFETY SYSTEMStrike 20 is supplied with a an optional transparent protection shield for the evaporation flask.The special shaped and robust shield ensures utmost protection from evaporation flask breakage and spray during process at high temperature.-The heating bath and the protective shield are lifted by an electronically monitored system.-An automatic system lowers the heating bath in case of power failure, overheating and any other bad occurrences.-Strike 20 is supplied with a rupture disk, a safety device, positioned on the glassware to prevent overpressure.VACUUM SEALING SYSTEM-Made of lubrificating material allowing perfect vacuum tightness.-No maintenance requiredHEATING BATHLifted by means of a powered system, the heating bath, in case of power failure or alarms, goes automatically down to prevent fluid overheating, and the process will immediately stop.Its electric heater enhanced to 3Kw (<3W/Cm2) ensures continuous evaporation of a wide range of products even in critical working conditions.DISPLAYThe process operating parameters can be set and monitored on a 7 touch-screen display.MEASUREMENT, DISPLAY AND DATA RECORDING OF THE FOLLOWING PARAMETERS:- Set and actual temperature value of the bath- Set and actual vapour temperature value- Set and actual rotation speed value of the evaporation flask- Set and actual vacuum value (vacuum controller included as standard)


    Waterlab is an indispensable tool for the quality control of products and ingredients in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields.Wherever it is necessary to study the shelf life of a product in order to determine its risk of microbial development and therefore its shelf life over time, Waterlab is the ideal solution.Waterlab is also the most performing instrument on the market thanks to its dew point sensor which measures the actual water activity (aW) and not related and secondary parameters. For this reason the dew point sensor is considered the reference point for these determinations.New calibration and control modes allow the operator to optimize times even in the case of multiple analysis of samples with very different aW values. Thanks to the introduction of innovative calculation and temperature control systems, Waterlab allows you to carry out different types of analysis: from simple determination of control to specific shelf life tests for each individual case.Thanks to the latest generation touch screen graphic display, Wi-Fi and USB compatibility, Waterlab guarantees a simple and intuitive work flow allowing automatic data saving and immediate recognition of the sample and the operator as well as the possibility to communicate with a PC and external memory cards.Main features:- Water activity meter (Aw) in compliance with ISO 21807: 2004 and subsequent 18787- Latest generation colour touch screen display 7 "- User friendly software with pop up and warning systems for easy workflow management.- Equipped with USB outputs for connection to an external PC and for downloading data to a mobile memory support.- Equipped with Wi-Fi functionality for connections to local networks and remote control.- Total flexibility in data management thanks to the possibility of storing information, producing graphics, saving the operator name, etc ....technical features:- Measurement range: from 0.030 to 1,000 aw- Accuracy: ± 0.003 aw at + 25 ° C- Repeatability (standard deviation): ± 0.001 aw- Calibration: on six points (0.250 - 0.500 - 0.760 - 0.920 - 0.984 - 1,000)- Balance / measurement times: <5 minutes- Probe sensor: dew point (sensor required by ISO 21807: 2004 and subsequent 21787)Sensor block with front opening for easy sample insertion and cleaning. Equipped with a fan to even out the head space, a high-seal chamber with a gasket capable of guaranteeing very little environmental interference- Display resolution: ± 0.0001 aw (4 decimal place) - (improvement compared to ISO 21807: 2004)- Security: administrator and user management by password (in accordance with 21 CFR part 11 - guarantee of non-modifiability of the data acquired)- Complete thermostatic of the sample: at + 25 ° ± 1 ° C (adjustable from + 15 ° C to + 50 ° C)- Operation at room temperature: from + 5 ° C to + 50 ° C- Digital resolution: 0.01 ° C- Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.2 ° C- Temperature Uncertainty: ± 0.2 ° C

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