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Stevanato Group pledges to provide glass vials for potential COVID-19 vaccines

29 Jun 2020

The company agrees to provide CEPI with 100 million glass vials, which can store 20 doses per vial (2 billion doses in total).

Italy-based Stevanato Group, a producer of pharmaceutical glass containers and integrated provider of drug delivery systems, and CEPI (the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations) have signed an agreement for the supply of 100 million Type 1 Borosilicate glass vials to hold up to 2 billion doses of a vaccine against the COVID-19 virus, should product(s) be proven safe and effective.

This supply is part of CEPI’s efforts to speed up the vaccine development timeline through making progress on manufacturing in parallel with the clinical development of COVID-19 candidate vaccines.

As international efforts to find a vaccine to combat COVID-19 intensify, the most crucial element in global vaccination programs, once a successful vaccine candidate moves into the manufacturing phase, is the worldwide supply of medical-grade glass vials to deliver the billions of doses of vaccines needed to fight the virus. Without medical glass vials, vaccines cannot be stored or delivered, and patients cannot be vaccinated.

To date, CEPI has invested approximately US $829 million in nine COVID-19 vaccine candidates, including a number of modern and innovative approaches, to increase the world’s chances of finding a safe, effective and globally accessible vaccine. The ultimate goal is to speed up the vaccine development timeframe to develop a successful vaccine in an accelerated 12-18-month timeframe.

The high-quality glass vials that CEPI have secured from Stevanato Group will be able to store 20 doses per vial (2 billion doses in total). Besides the provision of these 100 million vials, the Group will also grant a "fast track" access to its glass vial forming lines provided by its company Spami.

Dr Richard Hatchett, CEPI CEO, commented: “In addition to accelerating the development of COVID-19 vaccine candidates, CEPI is working with partners around the world to begin the manufacture of millions of vaccine doses so that, should a candidate be proven to be safe and effective, it will be available to those in need without delay."