21 Jun 2021

The API Landscape - Reshoring, Trading & Sourcing Dynamics

This webinar originally aired as part of CPHI Discover - 17-28 May 2021

THIS IS A LIVE STREAM SESSION - After broadcast it will be available to view on-demand for the remainder of the event.

API manufacturing has always been about innovating to cater for shifting demand patterns, but the recent coronavirus pandemic has raised further questions about manufacturing hubs and consistency of supply. Are we on the brink of a major shift in API production?

  • The complexity of globally interconnected pharmaceutical supply chains
  • Market pressures to modernize API supply chains through digitization
  • The advantage of increased real-time visibility in its supply chain
  • The role of trading in the API supply chain
  • Offshore vs Onshore Manufacturing
  • Could reshoring represent an opportunity for boosting innovation and new manufacturing technologies to compete effectively and take a greener approach?
  • This session will feature a live Q&A where you can put your questions to our expert panel.

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