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3 Oct 2012

Suat Toh to head up Envirotainer's Asia Pacific operations

Envirotainer has appointed a new head of healthcare sales for Asia Pacific.

uat Toh has been appointed as head of healthcare sales for Asia Pacific by Envirotainer and will carry out the role from its new offices in Singapore.

The cold chain container provider wants to increase its role in the pharma supply chain across the region, which it expects to account for an increasing share of the global pharmaceuticals market in the future.
In 2011, Envirotainer was responsible for serving more than 300 unique airport-to-airport combinations across 20 different Asian countries.

Mr Suat will be responsible for growing the company's presence in the region, so that it is well placed as the market begins to mature.

He said: "Today, production of advanced medicine, vaccine, blood plasma and so forth is growing in the Asian countries.

"These manufacturers are coming to the next step in their evolution, with new needs and demands, and we need to make sure that these potential customers are aware of what Envirotainer can offer and are assured that they are in a position to access it easily and quickly."

The executive suggested that the vast size of the Asia Pacific region means that air transport is more important than ever for pharmaceuticals, with other forms of transport inadequate.

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